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I Do Take Newspapers To Recycle Bin, But I Admit I’m Not Convinced They Really Are Recycled

I do take my old newspapers and other paper products to my local recycle bin.

(All people should take a daily newspaper at home.)

(Above–My local recycle bins.)

Yet I admit, I’m not convinced what I drop off really gets recycled.

I can’t get past the notion that it all gets hauled off to the city landfill.

I know I’ve read stories about stuff like that happening. When I worked for a city councilmember in Cincinnati, there was another councilmember who was just convinced that waste product was simply dumped in the landfill.

I don’t feel I’m prone to believing conspiracy stories, but I’m just not sure what I leave to be recycled really gets recycled.

Anybody have any thoughts on this subject?

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