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Remains Of Hurricane Isaac Over The Cincinnati Area—Post Parade For The 2nd Race At River Downs

At least some portion of the remains of Hurricane Isaac are currently over River Downs race track just outside Cincinnati.

You see here horses on parade on the rain-soaked sloppy track in advance of the 2nd race this afternoon. You also see the American Flag blowing about.

The misty backdrop are Kentucky hills across the Ohio River.

I’m sorry for persons who have been strongly impacted by Hurricane Isaac.

Here in the Cincinnati-area the storm has brought needed rain.

I hope folks are having a nice Labor Day. Please treat people who are working the holiday well. Respect for our fellow working people and self-respect are the very same thing.


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What Are Our Options When Troubled Water Swamps The Bridge?

I’m sorry to offer what may seem a pessimistic thought, but sometimes it is simply the case that troubled waters sometimes swamp the bridge.

It is so that there might be other ways around. Or maybe you have time to wait for the waters to recede.

You might decide it is okay for you to stay where you are.

Yet it may also be so that you simply have to cross and you are not able.

A core belief of liberal and progressive thought is that sometimes circumstance gets the better of a person.

At this point we can possibly offer a way across if we have the means to do so.

We might even be able to help build a better bridge across for the next time.

At least we might be able to do so if the funding for bridge construction has not been not cut off.

It could also be though that we have nothing to offer other than consolation and support.

I took the picture you see above a few hours ago in rainy Houston.

Here is Johnny Cash singing Bridge Over Troubled Water. 

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Raining Outside At Astros’ Game

I’m at the Houston Astros’ game right now.

As you see from the picture, it is raining outside.

Inside though, the game goes on.

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It has rained and stormed a lot in Houston over the past two days.

Here is a picture of that rain through my car windshield.

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You Walk Away And When You Come Back You Are Flooded

You park your car and when you come back you are flooded.

This is a picture I took in all the rain we’ve seen in Houston in the past few hours.

I’m feeling a bit like this myself.

I got distracted today and am behind on a few things.

Either you run the blog or the blog runs you.

The helpful thing is that the world is filled with metaphoric and allegorical material that is around for all to see and consider.

Hopefully you’ll see the results of the things that are keeping my attention here on the blog in the weeks ahead.

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In The Midst Of A Drought, Even A Violent Storm Seems Like A Relief

Here is the metaphor I thought of a few hours ago when some strong storms brought some rain to Houston for the first time in months—

“When you are long-suffering from the drought of decency being inflicted by Texas Republican voters and by elected Republicans in Texas in the current legislative session, even a storm with thunder, lightning, hail, and high winds seems like a relief.”

Above is a picture I took of the clouds as the storms approached in the middle of the afternoon. I don’t have a picture from when it was very gusty and raining heavily.

Though since this post is predicated on metaphor, I think the dark clouds in the picture suggest enough to let your imagination do the rest of the work.

I have confidence in you.

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Still No Rain In Texas—Texas Progressive Alliance Round-up

Here is the most current weekly round-up of the Texas Progressive Alliance. The TPA is a confederation of the best political blogs in Texas.

Along with the round-up this week, I can tell you that despite Governor Rick Perry’s call for prayer over this weekend to end the statewide Texas drought, that it is not raning here in Houston. I’m not aware of any significant rain in Texas.

This does not mean that prayer has no meaning. Prayer brings solace and meaning to many people. Maybe what is the case is that the prayers of a state that is inflicting such misery on the poor at the moment in the proceedings of the Texas legislature are not being heard.

If Governor Perry thinks prayer can end the drought, maybe he should consider that our actions as a state are the cause of the drought.

The round-up—

Having previously declared himself out on supporting President Obama’s re-election campaign, PDiddie at Brains and Eggs finds even less to like aboutthe rumored candidacy of Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez for US Senate. Less, as in nothing.

Letters From Texas poked fun at the… um… hard turn John Sharp’s web domain has taken, in which somebody has… ah… erected quite a different focus. But most of the week was spent on more serious concerns — the West Texas range fires.

The first statehouse redistricting map is out, and Off the Kuff has a look at it and some alternatives to it.

Libby Shaw at TexasKaos tells us that When Middle Schoolers Serve in Congress there is price to be paid.

Neil at Texas Liberal noted that Rick Perry has asked Barack Obama and Washington for help with Texas wildfires. While everyone impacted by the fires merits help, it sure is something that Washington-basher Rick Perry feels he must turn to the federal government to solve Texas problems. Where are the Texas Tea Party citizen-volunteer disaster relief teams to help people in need?

Like many of you, the crew at McBlogger is feeling the pinch of higher gas prices. What’s really causing it and what can be done about it may surprise you. Continue reading

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Rain And Sun

Rain and sun at the same time in Houston a few days ago.

Life is full of mixed results.

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Roads Closed By Flooding In Houston Limits Ability Of People To Give Each Other Swine Flu

Heavy rains in the Houston area are limiting the ability of people to get around and give each other the swine flu. These rains may extend well into today.

Already the global financial panic has cut down on international travel and visits to stores and restaurants.  Folks are missing out on a lot of the exchange of germs and disease.

If only things would get even worse we would be just fine. Life going well is our enemy.

Below is a photo taken by a Chronicle reader named Sakar Bhusal with the caption ” I wonder why these people were in such a hurry?” 

Lake Hillcroft @ Harwin

(My blogger friend AmyEmilia has a picture of the flooding at her blog A Normal Life.)

Maybe they were in a hurry to meet up and give each other the Swine Flu.

Maybe they thought they were driving away from the Swine Flu.

Or maybe it was the just the same dumb behavior we see on our roads in Houston each day.

(Please click here for information on the Swine Flu and for handwashing tips.)

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