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2012 G8 & NATO Summits In Chicago Very Much Need To Be Occupied

The G8 and NATO summits are to be held in Chicago next May.

The corporate-owned Mayor of Chicago—Rahm Emanuel— is ramping up the police state for the events.

From the Chicago Tribune

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to raise fines for resisting police as the city gears up for anticipated protests that will come with the G8 and NATO summits to be held in Chicago next May.  Protesters found guilty of resisting a police officer or aiding escape would have to pay a maximum fine ranging from $200 to $1,000. Currently, the range is $25 to $500. The proposal introduced at today’s City Council meeting also would allow Police SuperintendentGarry McCarthy to deputize officers with other agencies, including the FBI and Illinois State Police. The proposal also would appear to give the mayor greater power to sign contracts related to planning security and logistics without City Council approval.

Here is a perfect event to be Occupied as a rebuke to both parties, the obscene amounts we spend on defense, and the whole power structure in this corrupt nation.

I can’t imagine that many protest actions are not already in the works.

Here is the Occupy Chicago website. You can also find Occupy Chicago on Facebook.

Here is Occupy Wall Street. 

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130 Arrested At Occupy Chicago—Occupy Wall Street About A Fair Shake For Hard Working People

A big thanks to the 130 people arrested at Occupy Chicago yesterday.

Above is a recent photo from the Occupy Chicago Facebook page.

Occupy Chicago will continue its efforts despite the arrests.

After two nurses were arrested, National Nurses United will be marching on Chicago City Hall to demand that the all charges be dropped.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel raised something like $12 million for his election victory earlier this year.

The whole process is so corrupt on both sides of the aisle.

Nurses and everyday working people don’t have millions of dollars to get their message out.

What everyday people have is their time, effort, and imagination.

People should not be arrested for taking part in our democracy.

I support the Occupy Wall Street movement because I am a hard-working, taxpaying citizen who votes in every election.

People should have access to good jobs and those jobs should offer fair wages and good benefits.

Those most able to pay taxes should pay a fair share.

Everyday American citizens should have a larger voice in our politics.

Here is the Occupy Wall Street website. 

Here are links to Occupy efforts in Texas. If you don’t see your city on this list–which is a few days old now– than go ahead and start Occupy yourself wherever it is you may live.

Please consider taking the time to learn more about the Occupy Wall Street effort.

In my view Occupy Wall Street is about everyday people who want a fair shake in exchange for hard work.

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