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Here Is What Tea Party Republicans Say About Senator Cornyn Addressing Hispanic Lawyers—Here Is Why Texas Will Become A Democratic State

Republican U.S. Senator from Texas John Cornyn made the following update on his official Facebook page on Wednesday 9/8—

“At DFW headed to Minneapolis to speak to Hispanic National Bar Association.”

Here are some of the 59 comments the Senator got back from folks signed up to receive his Facebook page

“Check ID’s at the door.”

“Aren’t you a TEXAS Senator?”

“Thinking of moving up there or buying a ranch??? Surprised the Hispanic Bar Association invited you. Interesting who you accept money from these days!”

“Kisses up to the open borders crowd frequently. He welcomed the new head of LULAC to, but took the post down after to many negative comments.”

“You going to talk Amnesty Senator?”

“I did not know that Hispanic’s ? had a different Law.”

“Did you notice there are no white bar associations or white chamber of commerce.”

“When could you have a Nat’l White Bar Assoc. w/o causing an up-roar!Or a White Miss America, or White Caucus?”

Yeah, I noticed and there are no White American College Fund either.”

“Senator Cornyn, you are about to put yourself in company with Brown, Snowe, Collins, Murkowski, McCain, Lugar and Graham. One of them has already been rejected. There will be more. It’s time for America to be American again. Those who don’t have the stomach for it need to be rejected.”

“How about speaking at the White National Bar Association?”

“Are you going to speak English?”

“Can you please take a copy of the Constitution so they can actually see what our laws are?”

“Why do they have to be a Hispanic Association? If the are true Americans and accept our country and laws and assemilate themselves into our customs and culture, then they are an American Bar Association! Ask them about that! You’re either one of us or your not one of us.”

Minneapolis? I thought the Hispanic national Bar was the cadillac bar in Nuevo Laredo!

And Republicans wonder why they are sometimes called racist.

Imagine—The very conservative  John Cornyn is not far enough to the right for the modern Tea Party Republican Party.

For independents thinking of voting Republican this year, consider the replies you see above.

For Hispanics thinking of voting Republican this year or thinking of sitting the election out, consider the replies you see above.

Good luck to the Republican Party in Texas when it comes to holding power in our state over the long haul.

Here is the web home of the Hispanic National Bar Association.

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If You Are Born In The United States Then You Are A Citizen Of The United States—14th Amendment In Spanish

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina says the Constitution should be changed so that the children of persons in the country illegally do not automatically become U.S. citizens if they are born on American soil.

(Above–George W. Bush celebrating Cinco De Mayo at the White House.)

Here is what the 14th Amendment of the Constitution says on this subject—

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

Here are those words in Spanish—

“Toda persona nacida o naturalizada en los Estados Unidos, y sujeta por ello a tal jurisdicción, es ciudadana de los Estados Unidos y del Estado en que resida. Ningún Estado podrá crear o implementar leyes que limiten los privilegios o inmunidades de los ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos; tampoco podrá ningún Estado privar a una persona de su vida, libertad o propiedad, sin un debido proceso legal; ni negar a persona alguna dentro de su jurisdicción la protección legal igualitaria.”

You can translate the Constitution into Spanish and the Republic does not collapse.

Here is the full text of the 14th Amendment.

Here is the full text in Spanish.

Here is some basic history of the 14th Amendment and an assessment of its impact.

Should we change the fact that if you are born in America you become a citizen?


This is a proposal to make sure that people of a certain color and ethnicity don’t become citizens. This is not about immigration. This is about what it means to be an American.

I stand with our Constitution of the United States of America that says if you are born here, then you are an American.

(Below–The Constitution of the United States of America.)

We The People.

Not—We The People Who Have Parents That Conservatives Think Are Okay.

This amendment is being proposed by a man who comes from a state–South Carolina– that profited for many years by denying full citizenship to people of color.

(Below–Loyal Americans.)

This amendment is being offered by a man who is a member of a political party that has become a subsidiary of the extreme right-wing so-called Tea Party movement.

This is not about the future of our nation. If Republicans and the Tea Party cared about the future, they would care about global warming and care about people getting health insurance.

Instead, what  Tea Party seems to care about is where our President was born and about the fact that his middle name is Hussein.

I care about the fact anybody born here is my fellow American.

(Below–Hawaii in photo taken by mbz1. Hawaii is where our President was born. It is also one of four majority-minority states in the union. The other three are California, New Mexico and Texas.)

We cannot have a Republican Senator from South Carolina and a bunch of far right-wing government haters telling us who is acceptable for citizenship.

Instead, we must treat all our fellow Americans as……..Fellow Americans!

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I’m Glad The Federal Government Has Weapons To Protect Freedom From People Like Rand Paul—Representation Of Armed Black Man Defending Our Nation

I’m glad that the Federal Government is well-armed to protect me and other freedom-loving Americans from people like Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Above you see a representation of an armed Interior Department employee as he patrols in defense of the American people. You’ll note that he is black. While Rand Paul would be okay with private business places deciding not to hire black folks, the federal government hires black people and passes laws saying that business places can not discriminate on the basis of race.

Is this the type of issue Republicans in Kentucky want us to revisit? Is this what the Tea Party folks are all about? Are we going to move back 50 years?

Candidate Paul has said that it would be okay for business places to not serve black people.

Rachel Maddow: How about desegregating lunch counters?

Paul: Well what it gets into then is if you decide that restaurants are publicly owned and not privately owned, then do you say that you should have the right to bring your gun into a restaurant even though the owner of the restaurant says ‘well no, we don’t want to have guns in here’ the bar says ‘we don’t want to have guns in here because people might drink and start fighting and shoot each-other.’ Does the owner of the restaurant own his restaurant? Or does the government own his restaurant?”

Dr. Paul has now also said that President Obama’s criticisms of BP about the oil spill are “Un-American”

Here is part of what Dr. Paul said—

“What I don’t like from the president’s administration is this sort of ‘I’ll put my boot heel on the throat of BP.’ I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business.”

Coal miners and other working people in Kentucky are , of course, free to vote for Dr. Paul this November.

I just wish those folks good luck with mine safety and any measure of protection as working people with Rand Paul representing them in the U.S. Senate.

People like Dr. Paul, who would allow discrimination and defend polluting companies, are just exactly why millions upon millions of Americans feel that government has a role to play in our lives.

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Regardless Of Massachusetts Outcome, We As Liberals Must Become Harder And More Realistic About What We Are Facing

In the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts, people are going to have to decide if we are going to live in a nation run by racist Tea Party mobs, or in a country where there is hope for the future and some measure of progress.

I don’t have a vote in Massachusetts.

All I can say is that if we live in a country where populism means the rich get richer and insurance companies dictate public policy, then we must work harder than we’ve been working so far.

Win or lose in Massachusetts, it is clear to me that liberals and progressive need to become harder and tougher people.

Our political fights today are quite often about good and evil and we must be willing to see it as such.

Our political fights have often been about good and evil. Why would it not be so today?

None of this means that we lose who we are.

It is simply clear enough that winning a big national election victory is not nearly all that is required.

We must do more. We need a clear-headed view that bad people do bad things and we have an obligation to try and stop what they are doing.

We have an obligation to make our nation and our world better.

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Tea Party Leader Has Sign With N-Word—Even If He Can’t Spell The Word


The picture above is of Dale Robertson. Mr. Robertson is the head of teaparty.org.

I’m not really big on chronicling the Tea Party movement. Most of my readers have no illusions about these folks.

I did want to run this picture however, because it is important we be mindful of just how nasty this Tea Party deal is.

The Tea Party folks can go on about taking government back—so that Republicans back in power can be certain big business and big money run 100% of the government instead of the current 80% or whatever—but the core of this Tea Party deal is about race and ethnicity.

We should not forget this fact. These people are extreme states rights, no-government types who would take this country back to pre-reconstruction days if they could.

Though I’m sure Tea Party members would keep on collecting Social Security checks and other government benefits even as they make sure others are left out in the cold.

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McCain Shows Obama With Blonde White Women

A new TV ad by John McCain flashes images of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears and suggests Senator Obama is a celebrity and little more.

But that’s not really the story.

The story here is about linking a black man to blonde white women. This is just what Tennessee Republicans did with black U.S. Senate nominee Harold Ford in 2006.

The people who make these ads know what they are doing.

Senator McCain has already said Senator Obama would lose a war in order to win an election. Mr. McCain will say and do anything.

Senator McCain voted against the Martin Luther King holiday. He now says he is sorry. 

The McCain campaign could only find two blonde white women to put in that ad?

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