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Wanting A Quiet Place To Think, I Went To The Houston Astros Game—The Right Mix Of Factors To Get Some Thinking Done In A Public Place

Wanting a quiet place to think where I could have some space, I attended the Houston Astros game this past Monday evening.

Above you see a picture I took in the second inning.

With the roof open on a warm spring evening, the game was a nice and relaxing spot for contemplation.

There was just the right mix of people around to look at and ponder, while at the same time enough room to have your distance from others. The game and the stadium offered all sorts of things to look at while not breaking your train of thought.

The Astros have in 2012 already had the smallest crowd ever recorded at Minute Maid Park for a game. With this being just April, there is plenty of time for that record to be broken again.

It is great to have a public place where you can think.

When I lived in Cincinnati, I enjoyed going to the River Downs horse track with my father.  There were always some people around, but the track was built for the larger crowds that attended horse racing years ago.

You’d sit off by yourself and look at the people. Across the way there were some hills. This was just as how you can see tall Downtown Houston buildings with the roof open at Minute Maid.

At the race track you would sit there and be peaceful, and every so often some horses would run past.

Below you see a picture I took at River Downs in 2011. There was no racing that day. You could go to clubhouse and place bets on races at other tracks.

That was a fine quiet snowy day.

What I look for in a public place  where I want to get some thinking done is the right combination of action, apathy, things to see such as trees or buildings or horses or a baseball game, and personal space.

I don’t want to be a hermit, but there is only a certain extent to which I want others around.

One to be fully engaged in the world is to make sure that you have some space.

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Snowfall Is Nice And Quiet

Here is a picture of Cincinnati, Ohio after yesterday’s snowfall.

It was nice and quiet out there.

So rarely is it quiet in our lives. It was worth being cold to enjoy the quiet.

It is possible that the people who run this country and who run our corporations never want us to have any peace or downtime in our lives. They don’t want us to be able to think.

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What Is Wrong With People?

Abandoned wooden buildings

A few days ago I had a some time to myself to eat lunch.

I went outside to what I thought would be a peaceful enough spot.

Not long after I got outside, an SUV drove by and inside it were people shouting the F word out the window. 

A few minutes later a woman honked at a pedestrian . The pedestrian spent the next three minutes screaming obscenities.  

All I wanted was just some relative peace.

Not total peace. I knew I was out in public and I was not the only person around.

Why does stuff have to be like this? What is wrong with people?

Above is a picture from a photo essay submitted to the BBC.

The photographer, one Annie McClimont, took some pictures of an abandoned fishing village in Newfoundland.   

I wish I could have that kind of quiet for just one day a month. Just enough to keep me going for the rest of the time.

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