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Spoken Word Event To Mark Release Of godLess by Aurore Press—I’ve Got An Essay In The Book

Cincinnati’s Aurore Press will be holding a spoken word event on July 25 to mark the release of the new book godLess. Above you see the cover of godLess.

The event will be held Cincinnati’s famous The Comet located at 4579 Hamilton Ave. The spoken word begins at 7 PM and will be followed by a musical performance by Jughead and Pedro from Cincinnati’s own SS-20. 

Here is the link for The Comet.

Below is a description of godLess. You’ll note that this blogger is a contributing writer. (I’ve highlighted my name and put it in a bold font so that you won’t miss it.)  

Our latest project is a chapbook we call godLESS, a critical view of religion. Tough subject, especially in this town, but it has to be said.21 varied works in all. Plus a preface by Matt Hart and fantastic cover art by Amy Kreitzer! 

The book, edited by Chuck Byrd, Mary Anne Cowgill and Betsy Young will feature pieces by John Welte, Sr., Neil Aquino, Jacurutu:3, Jana Vaught, Marilyn Phelps, Abiyah, Vivien Vinyl, Chuck Byrd, Justin Patrick Moore, Nathan Singer, Megan Shepherd, Mary Anne Cowgill, Kim Maurer, Mark Messerly, Betsy Young, Kathy Holwadel, Robert W. Sturdevant, Daniel Jones, Susie Martin, J.J. Staples, Jughead…And true to our usual style, we’ll be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Free Inquiry Group of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Aurore Press is Cincinnati’s forum for dissenting views. Please click here to see all that they have going on.

Please don’t forget that I’ll be the host of the most immense punk rock blast in all the nation on August 15 at Newport Kentucky’s Southgate House. This event is also being put on by Aurore Press.

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Public Image Limited For The Fourth Of July—On Being Separatist And Community Minded At One Time

To mark the Fourth of July, I’ve posted a video of some of my favorite British Subjects.

It’s a video of Public Image Limited’s Public Image from 1980.

It’s a hell of a song.

I’m posting this video in honor of  my separatist ancestors who came to Massachusetts from England in the 17th century.

I’m posting it for my fellow aging punk rockers.

I’m posting this video for everybody who gets the idea of being both separatist and community-minded at the same time

And I’m posting it for everyone who gets and welcomes the conservatism inherent in this dual outlook, in a nation where unchecked individual autonomy is a religion of the elite and of many of your so-called educated people.

Here is a video of me singing The Damned’s Wait For The Blackout at the Houston Ship Channel.

Here is information about the biggest punk rock blast in the nation for 2009. It will be held in Newport, Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati, on August 15. I will be the host of this event.

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Immense Punk Rock Blast On August 15—Top Blogger To Host The Event

Below is the poster for the punk rock blast of the year. It’s being promoted by Cincinnati’s Aurore Press. Please click here to read about all that is going on with Aurore Press. Aurore Press is the forum for dissenting views in Cincinnati and in the entire tri-state area. And that’s just the beginning for these folks! Today Cincinnati and tri-state—Tomorrow Michigan and West Virginia.

Please note on the art below that this blogger is on the bill. I’ll be hosting the event.

I hope to see you there and please keep reading Texas Liberal.

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Top Texas Political Blogger Sings The Damned At Houston Ship Channel—Let Go As Life Is Brief And Brutal

Above is a video of me singing The Damned’s Wait For The Blackout at the Houston Ship Channel.

Life is short and you’d might as well just let go.

One way to let go is to tell the people you care about how much you care about them.

Life is brief and often brutal.

At the end of the song it says–“There is no vision here.”

Quoting the Bible, Franklin Roosevelt said in his 1933 inaugural address that “Without vision the people perish.”

I stand by both the song and by President Roosevelt’s speech.

Please don’t forget—I’ll be hosting the biggest punk rock event in the nation this August 15 in Newport, Kentucky. Newport is just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.

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Top Texas Blogger To Host Nation’s Biggest Punk Rock Blast

I’m glad to report that this upcoming August 15 I’ll be the master of ceremonies at Newport, Kentucky’s Southgate House for America’s biggest punk rock blast of 2009. 

Newport is just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.  

You’d think I’d be content with being the top blogger in Texas and with being a member of the Academy of Political Science.

Nope–That’s not enough.  

The event is a release party for the CD of last year’s Jockey Club reunion concert at the Southgate House. The Jockey Club was the greatest punk rock venue of the 1980’s. 

( Above–Another excellent night at the Jockey Club back in the late 80’s. Please click here for some more Jockey Club pictures.  The Jockey Club can also be found on My Space and on Facebook.)

This concert is being put on by Cincinnati-based publisher Aurore Press. Aurore Press is the forum for dissenting views in Cincinnati. Please click the link and see what’s going on at Aurore Press.

Below are the details as they stand at the moment.    

Roast/Benefit for “Handsome” Clem and his Family—

You can’t have a CD release without a party and Aurore Press knows this so with the help of The Southgate House, we’re putting on another Jockey Club inspired shindig to benefit our friend and Cincy punk legend “Handsome” Clem Carpenter and his family. Clem has had a few rough years as of late and his friends want to thank him for everything he’s done over the years with a benefit/roast in his honor! The show on August 15, will feature: Gang Green, SS-20, Libertines US, and Human Zoo. We’re working on one more JC era band to top off the bill and we’ll let everyone know when that comes together–so, 5 bands in all coming together again for a night for the scrapbooks hosted by “Hockeypunk” Neil Aquino, so come early and stay late, get yer CD (proceeds from the CD will also be donated to the Carpenter family) and have a ball!

I hope to see you there on August 15.

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Wife Has Nightmare About Husband’s Clothes Shopping

File:Wrocław - Petersdorff.JPG

Two days ago I went to the department store to buy some clothes for myself.

( Above–Petersdorff Department Store in Warsaw, Poland Here is a link to a good photo of this building in the late 1920’s.  Here is history and pictures of department stores in Portland, Oregon and elsewhere in the nation.)

My wife let me go on this shopping trip alone, but she was very concerned.

Before I went to the store, the wife told me that overnight she had a nightmare about my shopping trip.

She said she dreamed that I bought myself ugly clothes and that I had come home with a pair of ugly shoes for her. She also said that in the dream I purchased for her three ugly purses.

I’m not sure I could have messed up my shopping expedition. I buy and wear the same clothes year after after year. Even a fathead like me can get something right when doing it the 20th time. 

Not only that–I’ve been reading a book about the history of fashion. I know about fashion.

I’ve almost finished reading Costume And Fashion—A Concise History by James Laver. Mr. Laver had an active mind. Please click here to learn about his life.

Costume And Fashion covers fashion from ancient days up until the 1990’s. Here  is what it says about punk rock fashion in the 1970’s—

“The anarchic punk style. which appeared on the streets of London in the 1970’s…was to have an enormous impact on both streetwearand high fashion. It was a style that consciously sought to shock, combining–for both sexes—black tight trousers and striped mohair sweaters with customized leather jackets and heavy-duty Doctor Marten boots….Fetishistic leather and rubber were an integral part of the punk look….Clothes were slashed and ripped, embellished with safety pins, zips and studs. T-shirts were printed with aggressive anarchistic slogans….”  

Below you see some punks. They are burning a U.S. Flag for extra measure.

With these ideas in my head, how can the wife figure I’ll come home from the store with something crazy?

( Please click here for my greatest punk rock moments. I did not dress like the people below or burn flags. My attitude was sufficiently hostile that I felt no need for affectation or gestures of excess.)   

File:Punks burning a flag.jpg

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The Stone The Builders Rejected

Reading my Passover Haggadah at our household Seder last night , I came across my favorite words in the Bible. They are from Psalm 118 and are as follows—  

The stone which the builders rejected (has) become the chief corner-stone.

Below is the Hebrew–

אֶבֶן, מָאֲסוּ הַבּוֹנִים–    הָיְתָה, לְרֹאשׁ פִּנָּה.

Here is the entire Psalm in English and in Hebrew. 

Above is the cornerstone of  Gemiluth Chessed Synagogue in Port Gibson, Mississippi. This synagogue, now closed, has an interesting history and is well worth clicking to link to read about.

Here is information about Port Gibson, Mississippi.

Please click here to read about the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience.

The Stone that the builders rejected is become the chief corner-stone is a bible verse an aging punk rocker can love. (Please click here to read my greatest punk rock moments.) 

In the beginning you are at odds with the world. But with time and effort, people will come around to see what you have been seeing.  

If you stay the course and work at it, you can be the stone that was rejected, but that is now a cornerstone in the lives of others.

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The Bars That I Visited Most Often

What could be more important than the bars you hung out in when you were younger?

Not much.

There were three bars I spent the most time in when I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. All my good bar days were in Cincinnati. I’ve lived in Houston for ten years and I don’t go to bars at all. In Cincinnati, I went all the time.

I enjoyed seeing my friends. And often I brought a book to read. Many places I went had a band playing and I rarely cared about the bands. I’m sure many of them were good. The local acts were often comprised of people I knew, and I’m sure they were good bands. It just never interested me. When the bands were playing and I could not talk to people, I would read my book.

There were three bars I visted most. One was a bar- laundry mat called Sudsy Malone’s. There were washers and dryers in the back of the house.  It was Short Vine street in Cincinnati. Below is a picture of Sudsy’s from the outside.  

And here is a picture from a show at Sudsy’s.

Now that’s entertainment!

Sudsy’s is now closed. The pictures came from a Sudsy’s Facebook group. 

Another bar I was a regular at was just down the street from Sudsy’s. It was, and still is, called Sub Galley. I can say in truth that I was for a time “Mayor” of this place. Below you see a picture of Chris the bartender. This picture is also from a Facebook group. 

I never could figure out the full story with Chris, but he was always a decent enough guy as far as I was concerned. Sub Galley was seen by some as a hangout for low lifes.  I think that view had some merit. 

The guy with the beard in the photo was Karl.

My last hangout was The Jockey Club in Newport, Kentucky. Newport is right across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. I’ve written about the Jockey Club before on the blog. It was the greatest punk rock club in all the world. The Jockey Club closed in 1988. The picture is from the club’s last night.

I like my life today and I miss my places from the past.

I hope you have some hangouts where you once spent your nights. It’s fun!…at least to some point in life it was fun.

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Where I Fit In


(Blogger’s note—This is a post I ran in 2007. I’m giving it another go today.) 

Below is where and when in life that I’ve felt at ease and like I was fitting in with the world around me.

You’ll have your own list of where you fit in. Everybody has a place where they feel they are meant to be.

My list—

1. When I’m alone.

2. When I’m with my wife.

3. When I’m alone in a crowd. Such as sitting by myself at a restaurant reading a book or taking a walk along the ocean in Galveston.

4. When I’m reading. A good book to read is Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson.   

5. When I used to go to the racetrack. A racetrack is a place of such apathy that it would be hard not to fit in. I would go to River Downs in Cincinnati. I don’t go to Sam Houston in Houston. 

6. When I’m riding some form of mass transportation. A bus or an airplane. I’m just one of the people leaving one place and headed to some other place. I like airports.

When I was in college, I took a number of long Greyhound Bus trips to see friends. Cincinnati to Reno was my longest trip. That was a long ride, but it was fun. I remember I was reading a history of Hawaii on that ride. I can’t recall the specific title.

The bus in the picture says it is going to Atlantic City. I got off a Greyhound bus once in Atlantic City and some people were having a fist fight in the bus station.

Though honestly, I’m not sure I could ride the Greyhound Bus anymore.

7.  At the punk rock club. Those days are past as well.

8. When I’m talking to a waitress or a clerk at a store and no more is expected from me than courtesy. I’m good at courtesy.

9.  When I’m with the few people in life I’ve come to know well enough and like enough to feel at ease with. It happens with different people for different reasons.

That about covers it.

Where ever you fit in, it’s okay. The person you are is (most likely at least) okay.

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Top Texas Blogger Now America’s Most Beloved Published Author


Already the leading political blogger in Texas (Note–This view is not shared by anyone else.), I’m now also America’s most beloved published author.

Cincinnati’s Aurore Press has released Stories for Shorty: A Collection of Recollections from the Jockey Club 1982-1988. This book details the famous Jockey Club in Newport, Kentucky. The Jockey Club (photo above.) was at one point the finest punk rock club in the United States.

The book is a series of reminiscences by patrons of the Jockey Club and by the members of the bands that played there.  My contribution to the book is on pages 188 and 189. I’m now a published author.

On this past November 22, a book release party and Jockey Club reunion concert was held at the Southgate House in Newport, Kentucky.  I was lucky enough to be in Cincinnati for the concert. Northern Kentucky University Professor Ken Katkin, a leading academic in the Cincinnati area,  has written a review of the show that you can read by clicking this link. Mr. Katkin is a professor of constitutional law at NKU. 

Also, please allow me to note that Cincinnati punk legend Robert (Jughead) Sturdevant of SS-20, will be talking up his new Aurore Press release ” A Pardon’s Prism”  at the Mount Washington Creamy Whip and Bakery at 2069 Beechmont Avenue in Cincinnati. This limited release chapter book discusses the history of presidential pardons. The event will be Saturday, December 27 at 8 PM.

It is great to have old friends that we can see from time to time and keep in touch with over the years.

It is also great to be the leading political blogger in all Texas and to be America’s most beloved published author. What will really be great is if someday I can make my first dollar off of these distinctions. If you’d like to send me that dollar please leave a comment here and I’ll get back to you.

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Indiana Is My Favorite Swing State

Indiana is my favorite swing state.

(Above is Aurora, Indiana on the shores of the Ohio River)

Here’s why.

1. Indiana is not far from my long time home of Cincinnati.

2. My wife and I have been to Indiana together and I love my wife. Indiana reminds me of how much I love my wife.

3. The Ohio River runs along the Indiana/Kentucky border and the Ohio River is my favorite river.

4. Indiana has not voted for a Democrat for President since 1964 and an Obama victory in Indiana would be excellent. The latest poll shows Senator Obama up by two points in Indiana.  Here is a story from Salon about how Indiana has become a contested state

5. Back in my punk rock days I saw a Circle Jerks concert in Indianapolis.

Here is some basic information about Indiana.

What is your favorite swing state? With Senator Obama on the move across the country, there are many to choose from!

(Below is Evansville, Indiana. Evansville is also on the shores of the Ohio River.)

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Aurore Press To Release Jockey Club Book—Old Punk Rockers To Have Reunion Concert


Cincinnati’s Aurore Press will soon be releasing Stories For Shorty: A Collection Of Recollections From The Jockey Club 1982-1988. 

If you were lucky, you spent some time at Newport, Kentucky’s Jockey Club in the years mentioned above. 

The picture above from inside the Jockey Club above captures the essence of the place well.

Stories From Shorty will feature remembrances from Jockey Club patrons and performers. I think the book will be the publishing sensation of the fall.

Also, a Jockey Club reunion concert will be held Saturday night November 22 at Newport’s Southgate House. The doors open at 8. November 22 is the day of the release of the Jockey Club book.

Local giants such as The Thangs, SS-20, The Reduced and BPA will be just part of the musical lineup for the reunion show.  

Stories For Shorty will be released earlier in the day on November 22 at Shake It Records in Cincinnati. This event will take place at 5 PM at Shake It.      

I’m glad to report that I’ll be at the Southgate House for the show. I hope to see you there.

( Please click here for my greatest punk rock moments.)

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1980’s Punk Rock Fanzines—Like A Blog You Produced At Kinko’s

I’ve been reading the book American Hardcore–A Tribal History by Steven Blush. The excerpt below is about the 1980’s punk rock fanzine Flipside— –

“…Flipside, a fanzine out of Whittier, California, 20 miles east of LA. It first appeared in August ’77 as a 25-cent, 100 run xeroxed rag documenting LA punk. By 1980 its coverage expanded to include the entire country, with several thousand copies….It wasn’t a magazine in the traditional sense—rather a bunch of kids turned on by a scene cranked it our whenever possible. The rumblings…fit perfectly into its coverage of acts like Germs and Ramones. Flipside scribes with sames like Hud, Pooch and X-8 delivered chatty interviews crammed in small type accompanying poorly reproduced photos.”

Reading this brought back memories. In my hometown of the time, Cincinnati, there were a number of punk fanzines. ‘zines they were called. They did not last very long. But just as was Flipside, they were written, photographed, and produced by a bunch of kids. You’d work on it and then go to Kinko’s to make your copies.

I guess if we had been punk rockers today, many of us would have punk rock blogs.

Being a hardcore punk rocker was a fleeting thing. You had to be around at the right time—the early 1980’s— and in a place with a good scene. Still, I feel some sympathy for kids today who seem to spend so much time isolated behind a computer. It appears to be so inward looking.

You don’t have to be a punk rocker to be a happy young adult. I suppose many might say avoid being a punk rocker to be a happy young adult. But it was sure fun to be part of something and to find people who saw the world, to a degree at least, as I did.       

Please click here for my greatest punk rock moments.

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Who Merits Loyalty?

( Blogger’s Note—As part of my Summer Solstice blogging break, I’m re-running a few posts. I’ll be back to normal posting in a few days.)  

This post is part of an occasional Texas Liberal series called Central Questions.  

Loyalty is an important quality. 

What are possible grounds for loyalty? Who merits loyalty and for what reasons?

I see loyalty as coming from personal circumstance, from experience, and, also, from a broader context of shared values.

Loyalty also requires acceptance of people’s faults as you may see them. This because, if for no other reason, so that others will accept you and your faults.  

Here are possible grounds for loyalty—

1. A Shared Past— I give some stock to people who were in the same places I was at certain points in life. For example, people who hung out in punk rock clubs and bars I frequented in college get credit.

I feel these are people who felt many of the same things I did at that age, and may now be people I can trust as an adult.  Also, more personally, I want my past to matter—or to at least be recalled.     

Here is a line of John Kennedy’s Inaugural address that expresses this feeling—

To those old allies whose cultural and spiritual origins we share: we pledge the loyalty of faithful friends.

 2. A Shared Present—People we work with or live near may have a shared set of experiences or circumstances that are a basis for loyalty.

This doesn’t always work out, and loyalty here may be limited to the shared circumstances, but it is good to enter relationships with co-workers and neighbors with the hope that trust can be established.

Also, proximity can require that we look past any negative traits and focus on what’s best in a person. Here is an example of this feeling from The Count of Monte Christo by Alexandre Dumas

But, never mind, he is a neighbor who has done us a service on a time, so he’s welcome.

3. Gut Instinct Guided By Experience —Sometimes you have just have a feeling someone is on your side—A gut feeling guided by experience. When I have such a feeling, I go with it until I have reason not to.    

Here is a sentence from a Jack London book called Before Adam that expresses this idea—

We felt the prod of gregarious instinct, the drawing together as though for united action, the impulse toward cooperation.  

4. Someone Who Has Done Something For You—What I mean is more than “one hand washing the other.” I mean that if someone has done you a good turn for the right reasons, you should remember the favor and return it out of fairness and as a way of deepening a relationship.

The way we return a good deed may be no more than a sincere thank you.

Here is an example from an article by a Kelly White in the magazine Girl’s Life—   

Before long, your sister will follow your good example, and you’ll both be masters at the art of sisterly give-and-take.

5.  Shared viewpoints—Relationships have a larger context than the interactions of the people in the relationship. Someone who sees the world as you do, may share values that are as important to you as are simply personal concerns.  

A relationship can have a context as large as the people in the relationship decide it can have. 

Here is an example of this from Turn Of The Screw by Henry James

I was queer company enough– quite as queer as the company I received; but as I trace over what we went through I see how much common ground we must have found in the one idea that, by good fortune, COULD steady us. 

There are other grounds for loyalty that you may observe and follow based on your own experiences.

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Book Being Written On World’s Finest Punk Rock Club—The Jockey Club

I got an e-mail a few days ago with news of a book being written about The Jockey Club. This was a punk rock club in Newport, Kentucky that operated from 1982 until 1988.

It was a lot of fun.

I hope you have a place you recall fondly from a well-spent youth of hanging around with your friends.

The Jockey Club book is being compiled by Aurore Press of Cincinnati. Newport, Kentucky is just across the river from Cincinnati.   

I will write something for the book. Hopefully whatever I submit will be included.

In those days I was the Hockeypunk. I was known in punk rock circles from Dayton to Louisville and a few places in-between.

20 years later I’m Texas Liberal.

It’s all the same act.

Please click here for the time Johnny Rotten spoke to me and my other greatest punk rock moments.

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