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Photo Of Ocean Front Cemetery In San Juan, Puerto Rico

Above is a photo of an ocean front cemetery in San Juan Puerto Rico.

This picture was taken by a loyal reader of this blog and sent to me via the miracle of e-mail.

I don’t have details about the cemetery, but I enjoy the picture and I would like to visit San Juan someday.

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Presidential Campaign Sweeps Across Nation Like Radiation in On The Beach

The novel On The Beach takes place after a nuclear war.

Most people on the Earth are killed by the initial a-bomb blasts or soon after as the result of radiation sickness.

The remaining people are left to wait for the radiation to arrive.

On The Beach is about people in Australia who are among the last survivors.

They are waiting for the radiation.

After the radiation comes, nobody is left.

This year’s presidential nominating season is somewhat like On The Beach.

There was the first quick blast of caucuses and primaries between Iowa and Super Tuesday.

Then the pace slowed down. It was one month between Super Tuesday and the primaries this week.

Now it is a long six-week wait to Pennsylvania.

(Though Wyoming and Mississippi will get the wave in the next few days.)

The good folks in Puerto Rico are at the end. The campaign hits them in the first week of June. 

Texas was nailed last Tuesday.

We were bombarded with robocalls, TV ads and campaign appearances.

Now it’s over.

Given that Texas will likely be barren of two-party competition at the presidential level this fall, its likely we will see little more of the candidates.

Imagine how electoral vote free Puerto Rico will cease to exist for the candidates after its delegates are awarded.    

On The Beach was written by Nevil Shute. It was published in 1957.

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