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President Of Chile Is The People’s Choice—Maybe Folks Are Moving In My Direction

When I go to the supermarket, I talk to Carlos. Carlos is a bagger at the supermarket. He is from Central America.

Carlos is a bit to the right politically. I roll with that as he is not a U.S. citizen. He can do harm by voting absentee in his country, but that is the problem of the folks down there.

I don’t need any help taking my groceries to my car, but I’ve struck up a relationship with Carlos. While walking out to my car we discuss various Central and South American politics and governments.

Carlos and I agree that Hugo Chavez in Venezuela is no good. He is little more than a dictator. However, Carlos supported the coup in Honduras while I supported the rule of law and democracy.

Last time I spoke to Carlos, I told him I had just read a favorable article about Michele Bachelet. Ms. Bachelet is the center-left President of Chile.

A woman in a nurse’s uniform, or maybe a pharmacy uniform, heard my comment. She said something like “Michele Bachelet–very good!”

I wish the world was more like that brief moment. You mention a left-leaning President from some other nation, and your fellow working person who hears the comment not only knows who that leader is—She offers her approval as well.

( Which is not to imply that so-called professional people have any idea about anything.)

I’m sorry I don’t have any links or pictures on this post. I’m posting from my iPhone while my computer is down. Though if you care enough about Latin American politics, plenty of information is out there for you to learn.

I’m going to go out and talk out loud to myself about a public option for health insurance and see if folks around me chime in with supportive comments. Maybe people are moving on my direction.

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Death Of Senator Kennedy Should Be Spur To Renew Fight For Public Option In Health Care Debate

A renewed push for a public option in the health care reform fight would be a fitting tribute to the memory of Ted Kennedy. I’ve called the White House to express this view.

Here is information on contacting the White House. The phone number is 202-456-1111.

It is time to take the debate back from the far right and to use last year’s Democratic election victory to implement lasting and meaningful health care reform.

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