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Militarized Police A Cause That Left And Right Can Agree About—Anaheim Police Shot A Man In The Back

Our increasingly militarized police are more and more out-of-control in this nation.

Above you see a picture from Occupy Los Angeles showing ongoing protests regarding militarized police in Anaheim, California.

Anaheim police shot a man in the back for no good reason at all.

Militarized police would seem to be an issue that folks on both the left and right would be concerned about.

Both government and big business benefit and gain power at the expense of the individual when public protest is intimidated by police that have crazy powerful weapons.

In a free and healthy society there is balance and a measure of trust between government and the individual.

This balance and trust is upset when the police are armed as if they were members of the military, and when free citizens are intimidated away from exercising basic First Amendment rights of free speech and lawful assmebly.

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Values Of Sacrifice, Society & Connection Require Our Efforts—At Least In England People Are Fighting Back

In the United Kingdom, people protest when drastic budget cuts raise college tuition by astronomical rates.

Above you see a picture of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker reacting when even the royal car was attacked and knocked about during protests in London.

In the United States, we do nothing at all when one of the two major political parties has no greater concern than tax cuts for the most wealthy in a time of recession and war.

We allow the hours of our lives we spend working and spend caring for the people in our lives to slip away, while the powerful few preach on and on about austerity and tough choices.

Sacrifice has value. We are all part of a society. We are all connected.

These values of sacrifice, society and connection will carry the day only when we work hard and fight back against what is taking place in this nation.

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