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Candidate Families—Props To Be Used

Sarah Palin gave an interview to People Magazine and allowed two of her children to be pictured on the cover of the magazine.

But I thought the McCain campaign said the Palin family was off-limits. Except, of course, during Republican Convention week when the Palin children were seen by millions.

The Obama campaign has also said family is off-limits. Except, of course, when the Obama campaign wants to use kids for its own purposes. Then you get a lot of family from the Obama campaign.

Bringing back the brooch

Do you think Sarah Palin will work hard to help end child poverty or work hard to get health insurance for kids who don’t have health insurance? What are the chances of that? Here is a story about funding Governor Palin cut for unwed teen mothers. Why should we care about the Palin children when Governor Palin does not care about other people’s children?

Below is the prop room at the National Theater in Mannhiem, Germany. I think the Presidential and the Vice Presidential candidates keep their children in a room like this for when they are needed.

I’m not likely to bring up the Palin children on this blog as the campaign progresses. I don’t feel it serves my purposes to do so. Yet as Republicans have pursued brutal anti-family policies for many years now and have had no problem defining family for others, I don’t see why the families of these people are off-limits. Isn’t being a “Hockey Mom” a big part of why we are supposed to like Sarah Palin?

It’s all about family.

For that matter, Senator Obama opposes gay marriage as well.  Maybe his opposition is just a matter of politics. But since he feels other people’s most intimate and personal relationships are a matter of politics, why should those most close to him be immune from scrutiny?

We know that in the end it will be about who can be used, or not used, and in what way. Using people is a fully bipartisan practice.

My wish is that these people would run on issues more so than family. I don’t care how they define family. Yet this does not seem to be the world these men and women want to make. They use family as it suits them.

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