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If Socialism Is Good Enough For Greece & Portugal, It Is Good Enough For You And I

Socialists have won recent elections in both Greece and Portugal.

(Above–Socialism looks awfully nice in Greece.)

In Greece, Socialists defeated an incumbent government of the right.

In Portugal, a Socialist government was returned to office–Though with a smaller number of seats than before the election.

If Socialism is good enough for the fine people of Greece and Portugal. than it is good enough for you and I.

Here is a series of articles from The Nation magazine considering Socialism as it might work in the United States. 

There was a time when a fair amount of Americans voted for Socialist candidates. Who is to say that such a thing cannot happen again?

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Should Genocide Resolutions Be Considered For Nations That Exterminated Western Hemisphere Native Populations?


With the recent discussion about a Congressional resolution declaring Turkey guilty of the genocide of Armenians between 1915 and 1918, should parliaments and congresses across the world consider similar resolutions against nations responsible for the extermination of Native American populations in the Western Hemisphere?    

These nations would be Portugal, Spain, France, England and the United States.

Portugal for the widespread death and servitude brought to the Tupi people of Brazil.    

Spain for a trail of genocide extending through the Canary Islands, the Caribbean, Mexico, Peru, Florida and present day New Mexico and Texas.

France for deaths of natives in Canada and throughout North American New France.

England for the liquidation of native peoples in, among other places, Virgina and New England.

The United States for a long history of wiping out native populations.  

I think such debate and resolutions around the world might only be fair.  

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