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It Is About Who Votes

I don’t like to talk about polls, but I will do so in this case.

The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll points to Republican gains next month.

As things stand now, Republicans are more inclined to go to the polls. It is the people who vote who will decide what happens.

However, there is also this in the poll—

President Barack Obama’s numbers have improved slightly. His job-approval rating among registered voters stands at 47 percent, up one point from last month and three points from August….that rating is better than George W. Bush’s 38 percent in October 2006 (before Republicans lost control of Congress) and Bill Clinton’s 46 percent in October 1994 (before Democrats lost power).

There is also this-

“In the survey, 50 percent of likely voters say they prefer a Republican-controlled Congress, versus 43 percent who want Democrats in charge. Last month, Republicans held a 46 percent to 43 percent advantage among likely voters on this question. The GOP’s current seven-point lead, McInturff observes, is on pace — historically — to result in a shift of power in Congress. “The Democrats, with two weeks left, are facing very, very difficult arithmetic.” Yet among the wider universe of registered voters, Democrats hold a two-point edge, 46 to 44 percent, which is up from the 44 percent to 44 percent tie in September.”

I’m not trying to paint a phony picture of what is going to happen in the upcoming election. I expect Republican gains.

I’ll just say that for all the alleged anger and for as bad as the economy has been since Mr Obama took office, many folks continue to support Democrats.

As rough as the next two weeks may be—though there is still plenty to be hopeful about—2012 will be hard-fought election with a wider turnout. There is no reason to despair.

Or maybe what I should say is that there is no reason to despair except for the people who vote Democratic who are instead not voting.

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All Stories About Obama’s Approval Rating Are Stupid

File:Five Presidents 2009.jpg

I’ve seen a number of stories about President Obama’s approval rating.

I don’t read the stories, but I see the headlines.

(Above–Instead of wasting your time with silly stuff, visit the Univ. of Virginia’s Miller Center of Public Affairs U.S. President reference center.  Learn your history so you can understand the current day.)

One recent headline I saw said that Mr. Obama’s approval rating had fallen below 60% nationally.

Another said his approval rating had fallen to 49% in Ohio.

This thing is that Mr. Obama won the election nationally with 53 % and he won Ohio with 51%.

Given these numbers and given that we are not having another Presidential election for over three years, I think all stories about Mr. Obama’s approval rating are stupid.

I can’t always avoid seeing the headlines, but it sure is a waste of time to read the stories.

Here are state-by-state 2008 Presidential election results from the New York Times.

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59% Would Replace Entire Congress And Start Again—How Many Would Replace All The People They Know?

The polling service Rasmussen Reports says that 59% of the public would replace all members of Congress and start again with an entirely new Congress.

This got me wondering about how many would, if they had the chance, get rid of all the people in their lives and start with a whole new bunch?

New spouse. Nicer neighbors. Better boss. Less disappointing kids. More loyal friends. Maybe even a more obedient and well-trained dog.

I’m not sure this solution would work either for Congress or in our personal lives. You’d start off hopeful because the new people would be on best behavior at first, but soon enough you’d find that they are just as human and flawed as the people you ditched.

I think even the new dog might not change your life in the way you hoped.

While I think we could do with fewer Republicans in Congress, a hope that may come true, for the most part we will have to move ahead with the people we’ve already got.

Maybe the issue is that we fail to ask enough of the people in Congress and the people in our lives.

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