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A Break From The Heat

We’ve heard of opening fire hydrants so kids could cool off on hot days. Above you see an example of this from Philadelphia.

In Houston though, the automobile is supreme.  What we do here is open the city water supply to give cars a break from the heat.

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Christmas Tree Over Bar Entrance—Philadelphia 1938

digital file from intermediary roll film

Above is a photo of a Christmas tree over a bar entrance. The photo was taken on Market Street in Philadelphia in 1938 by Paul Vanderbilt.

I found the photo on the Library of Congress American memory web page.

Here are some photos of Market Street in the current day.

Here is a history of Market Street in olden days .  Here is more information on Market Street.   

Below the tree you see an advertisement for Guckenheimer Whiskey. Here is information on the Guckenheimer distillery and brand. It is an informative link.

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Police Officers—Always Respect, Call When Needed & Avoid Otherwise

Footage from a news helicopter shows Philadelphia Police officers beating three suspects on North 2nd Street near Lippincott in Hunting Park late Monday night.

In Philadelphia, a number of police officers recently beat three drug suspects in an excessive manner.

Here is a story about the beating. Above is a picture.

Being a police officer is a hard job.

Yet uniformed officers must have discipline.

My feeling about police officers is that you always respect them, you call them when needed, and you avoid them otherwise.

Police officers can be very helpful. If they help you they deserve your thanks. 

We should never forget that police are human just like anybody else. 

At the same time, police officers can get away with a lot.

They can mess you up if they choose.

When confronted with the facts about bad deeds that they or other officers may have committed, they do not always tell the truth.

Police officers should be well paid and receive good benefits.

They should also be under strong civilian control and always be respectful of that civilian authority.

People with weapons and the authority of the state behind them need strong personal discipline.

The Philadelphia police officers in this case seem to have failed the public, the profession and themselves. 

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