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Love Poem—A Rehearsal Of Loss

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you should have a poem for the occasion.  Here is one for a Valentine’s Day where you are possibly planning to break up with your sweetie. Or maybe you figure you will be broken up with that day.  

( Here is a poem I wrote about my wife. Maybe you would like to write a poem citing your sweetie’s virtues.)

This poem is called ” A Rehearsal Of Loss”  and was written by Agha Shadid Ali. This poet lived between 1949 and 2001. He was a Muslim who was born in India and later taught in the United States.   

Behind having a breaking up poem for Valentine’s Day, because sometimes life goes wrong, I like the idea here of sunrise as a loss. 

(Above–canyon at sunrise. Below–Sunrise in Perth, Australia. )

Here is the poem—

The night rose from the rocks of the canyon.

I drove away from your door. And the night,

it left the earth the way a broken man,

his lover’s door closing behind him, leaves

that street in silence for the rest of his life. 

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