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National Memorial Cemetery Of The Pacific—Recall Those Who Fought For Freedom Abroad And At Home

It is Pearl Harbor Day.

In addition to seeing Pearl Harbor when in Honolulu, another place well worth a visit is the  National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

Above is a picture of the cemetery.

This cemetery, located in a volcanic crater, honors the dead from America’s wars in the Pacific up to and including Vietnam.

Each day, not just holidays or days marking an event in history, is a good day to recall the sacrifices made by others for freedom.

These sacrifices include those who have fought for the rights of Native Americans, labor rights and Civil Rights here in America.

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Short Post Week At Texas Liberal


It’s short post week at Texas Liberal.

No post will be more than 150 words.


Because I’ve got things to do and thoughts to think.

Short post week begins Tuesday, May 26 and ends Friday, May 30.

Short posts get a short week.

General Walter Short (above) was in charge of the defense of U.S. military installations in Hawaii at the time of Pearl Harbor.  His record in that capacity is still debated.

Still, who would want to be recalled for having that job at that time?

Here is the link to the U.S. Navy history of Peal Harbor. 

5/27/09—I’ve not done such a good job this week keeping to my short post pledge.

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