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The Papyrus Boat—Things That Have Value Across The Years

I was recently reading a book I bought when I was a kid called Ships–Through The Ages. The book is by Douglas Lobley.

This book was first published in 1972.  I think I bought my copy in the years I lived in Providence, Rhode Island.

Here is what the book says about the papyrus boat such as you see in the picture above—

” Papyrus boats, so much a feature of early Egyptian boat-bulding, had their counterparts as far away as Lake Titicaca in South America, where balsa was and still used for the construction of  boats.”

Papyrus boats are still made today.

Isn’t it excellent that technology that worked thousands of years ago still works today?

Isn’t it excellent that the things that we have always felt to have value will always have value?

Loyalty to our significant other and to our friends and family.

Commitment to our political ideologies and to our beliefs.

A desire for knowledge and for purpose.

These are the things that matter across the years.

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