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How Can You Catch O.J.?

Above is an advertisement to buy a subscription to Sports Illustrated that asks the question “How can you catch O.J.?”

O.J. seems to have been playing in college at the time this ad was published. OJ played college football at the Univ. of Southern California.

Asking more than 40 years ago how O.J. Simpson could be caught was a question many years ahead of its time.

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Painting Of Judge Ito—I Watched The OJ Trial Each Day It Was On

Above is a painting of Judge Lance Ito. Judge Ito presided over the famous OJ Simpson trial in 1995.

The painting was completed by Kota Ezawa in 2002.

I watched the OJ trial each day it was on. I feel no shame in admitting this fact.

The trial was serious, absurd, a television mini-series and an event.

I recall that many thought the OJ trial was beneath them or irrelevant.

I recall it as a reasonable enough mirror of our nation and as interesting to follow.

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I May Have Rushed To Judgement In Next Year’s Race For Mayor Of Houston

Johnnie Cochran Dies at 67

As I recall, the term “rush to judgement” came into wide popular usage when Johnnie Cochran used the line while defending O.J. Simpson. Mr. Cochran spoke the phrase in his opening statement.

I’m going to borrow that line from Mr. Cochran (R.I.P.)

I may have rushed to judgement in my view of who should be the next Mayor of Houston, Texas. The election will be held in November of 2009.

There are, at this point, two leading Democratic contenders. City Controller Annise Parker and City Councilmember Peter Brown.

I’ve always had a visceral negative reaction to Ms. Parker. I’m now questioning if this reaction has been fair. 

Ms. Parker very often uses terms that allude to, or directly refer to, ideas like pragmatism and only seeking to get done things that, in her view, are politically obtainable. 

Ms. Parker’s language frustrates me. I feel that politics is at core about imagination. A political figure begins with an idea, sometimes even an idea that does not seem likely to suceed at first, and then works to see her idea become a reality.

Ms. Parker has reminded me at times of current Houston Mayor Bill White. In my observation, Mayor White is often simply dismissive of ideas that do not conform with his immediate agenda. He’s obnoxious and unimaginative in that way. 

What has given me a second thought about Ms. Parker was that as I was doing some research for another post, I came across an anti-poverty event she attended with former Presidential candidate John Edwards. Ms. Parker has had a standing concern about easier access to banking for low-income citizens of Houston.

Up to now I have been supporting Councilmember Brown. I felt that, when you got down to it, Councilmember Brown was to the left of Ms. Parker.

But just as I learned something about Ms. Parker that shifted my view, I also learned something about Mr. Brown that gave me pause.

In August, Mr. Brown attended a Republican fundraiser that had as featured speaker Karl Rove. I don’t believe Mr. Brown is a Republican. But I did feel that the whole thing was screwy. Just why would an elected Democrat, ( You can take a hike with that non-partisan municipal election junk) go to an event featuring Karl Rove?

Is this the kind of goofball campaign we are going to see from Mr. Brown?

So I’m going to wait and see on the question of who should be the next Mayor of Houston. I’m going to give Ms. Parker a new look and turn a harder eye to Mr. Brown. I may still end up supporting Mr. Brown, but I don’t want to make a “rush to judgement.”

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