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Staircase To The Ocean

Here is a picture of a staircase that leads to the ocean. I took this picture yesterday.

The staircase extends from the Galveston Seawall to the Gulf of Mexico.

The oceans are all connected and occupy a great deal of the Earth’s surface. Though you would not get very far into all that connectedness if you were to walk down this staircase.

There is a path to feeling connected to more of our world. The most obvious and visible route may not be the route to that feeling of connection.

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Captive Dolphin Is Named Liberty—If You Go To These Shows, Please At Least Learn Something About Dolphins And The Ocean

In this picture provided by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Liberty, ...

The dolphin you see above is named “Liberty.”

It should be named “Prisoner” because it is in dolphin jail.

This dolphin prisoner lives at the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Park in Vallejo, California.

The dolphin is called Liberty because it was born on the Fourth of July.

Liberty, as seen in an Associated Press picture, was forced to do tricks on the Fourth of July for people visiting the park.    

Even though it lives its life in a tank, the dolphin is called Liberty as if it were free and swimming around in the ocean.

These shows would bug me less if I had any sense that they made people care about the creatures they see, or care about the health of the oceans.

I think people come and gawk at the dolphins and the Shamus and move on to some other thought as soon as they leave the park.

I know these shows are not going away, but if take your kids, or go on your own, please take some time to learn about what you are seeing.

Here are a number of questions about oceans answered by the National Ocean Service of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  There is a lot of information to be found at this site.

Here is a Christian Science Monitor blog post about overfishing and that has a number of links to other sources on the topic. The fish you are eating may be on the verge of going away for good.

Here is the EPA web home with programs meant to protect the nation’s salt water resources.

The Empty Ocean by Richard Ellis is a very good book about overfishing that I have read.

Below is a picture of a Bottlenose Dolphin in the ocean I’m going to name “Captive.” 

Here are facts about Bottlenose Dolphins.

Here are many facts about different types of whales and dolphins from NOAA.

The National Audubon Society Guide To Marine Mammals Of The World is a top rate book.

File:Bottlenose Dolphin KSC04pd0178.jpg

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Giant Sea Worm

Above is the giant sea worm that has been caught at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay, Great Britain.

I did not have any idea that a creature such as this existed on the Earth.

The sea worm was in a tank at the aquarium eating other creatures. Officials at the aquarium did not know that the creature was in the tank until the trouble started and the tank was searched. 

Here is a story on the worm. There is also a gallery of pictures you can click of giant sea creatures at the link.

I don’t like looking at that creature and it would scare me if I saw it in my bathtub or sink. Yet if it did appear in one of those places I could take a picture of it and blog traffic would spike for a few days from the novelty.

Here is the link to the Blue Reef Aquarium. 

Here is information on the city of Newquay.

Here is a story about sea worms that eat nothing but whale bones.

Here is some general information about sea worms. 

I know it’s possible you’ve come here off a search engine link about giant sea worms, and I’m glad you have, but there is a lot to know about the oceans than just strange creatures. Here is a good and accessible link to learn more about the oceans.   I have a great deal of confidence in the ability of average folks to learn things and it would be great if you’d check out this link or do some looking on your own about the oceans and different types of sea life.

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How Tuna Is “Farmed”

The following is from a series of articles about the oceans prepared by The Economist magazine 

“Perhaps the most grotesque form of fish farming is the ranching of bluefin tuna, a delicacy that may sell for as much as $860 a kilo. Bluefins are sensitive creatures that hate being cooped up so much that, if confined, they tend to throw themselves against their cages and break their necks. Australian “ranchers” have now adopted a technique that involves catching young bluefins, enveloping them in a huge net and dragging it slowly round the south seas for months while feeding them pilchards imported from west Africa.”

I eat tuna and I don’t ask many questions about how it reaches my plate. But is this how we want to proceed? We’ve overfished the seas and now this is how we are getting our fish to eat. How can this be sustainable? We’re seeing in our economy what happens when we proceed in a way that is not sustainable. How many times do we need to learn (or not learn) the same lessons?     

Here is information about the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. (above)

Here is information about various types of seafood and to what extent they are overfished.

Here is information about overfishing in the United States from Mother Jones magazine.

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