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Occupy Wall Street Making An Impact Across Our Great Nation—New York State To Raise Tax Rates On The Most Wealthy

Occupy Houston, Occupy Wall Street and Occupy efforts across the nation are working hard, changing the debate, and making progress.

This  is why top Republican pollster Frank Luntz is afraid of the Occupy movement.

Occupy Houston spoke up yesterday against arctic drilling and will tomorrow demonstrate to protect women’s health.

Occupy Wall Street has been addressing the foreclosure crisis.

On December 10th, OWS will be part of a global human rights day. Everyone is connected.

Occupy Portland, Oregon is back on the move again after being evicted from their first location. Above you see a picture from Occupy Portland. You can’t evict an idea.

In the news, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, after initial resistance, now working to help enact tax increases on the most wealthy New Yorkers.

President Obama is now talking more aggressively about the needs of everyday working people as Congressional Republicans continue to oppose the extension of payroll tax cuts for the American people.

Occupy Wall Street is staying outside of the two major parties and is making a difference.

Everyone can take part in Occupy. Search the web and Facebook to see what is taking place where you live.

It is up to each of us to work with others to help determine the course of our future. The work of freedom is up to each of us.

Let’s be hopeful, hard-working and imaginative.

Perry Dorrell at the great Houston blog Brains & Eggs has more of the story.

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