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Reading About The Panic Of 1873 In Front Of The Enron Building

This video is called Reading About The Panic of 1873 While In Front Of The Former Enron Building. It is the second video on the blog. This video is about three minutes long.

Please click here to see the first video on this blog.

I view the ability for average person to make a video as an updated kind of folk art. Here are various definitions of folk art. One idea of folk art is people without any artistic training creating something with the tools they have at hand.

All people are able to express themselves in some creative way.

Here is information about the impact of the Panic of 1873 in New York. This article discusses what the 1873 crisis had in common with the current economic distress. 

There were issues of banks and credit and greedy speculation.  

Here is a good essay about the impact of the Panic of 1873 in Illinois.    

Here is the Panic of 1873 for kids from PBS.

The book I read from in the video is The Age of Lincoln by Orville Burton. 

Here is a chronology of Enron events from USA Today

Here are a series of articles about Enron from the Houston Chronicle.

Here is a history of Enron from the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

In the video, the sun is partially on my big head while the other portion of my head is in shadow. This makes my head somewhat like this drawing of the Earth—Part light and part dark. Here is an explanation of daylight.  Here is an explanation of night time on the Earth.

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What Does Night Sky Look Like If You Live Outside A City?

It has occurred to me that I’ve not seen an unobscured night sky for over 20 years. I recall seeing the Milky Way while visiting Vermont some time in the late 1980’s.

I don’t camp. I’ve never spent a night outdoors in my life. I don’t think I’ve even spent a night outside of a city since that time in Vermont. 

On an airplane at night earlier this year, I could look out and see a number of stars. But you can only see so much looking up from an airplane window.

I don’t know that my life would be different if I could see a sky full of stars. I suppose this is the kind of thing people mean when they say that we’ve lost touch with nature.

That said, I don’t like bats. Maybe the picture above of a night sky and Milky Way will have to suffice.

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