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What Is Wrong With People?

Abandoned wooden buildings

A few days ago I had a some time to myself to eat lunch.

I went outside to what I thought would be a peaceful enough spot.

Not long after I got outside, an SUV drove by and inside it were people shouting the F word out the window. 

A few minutes later a woman honked at a pedestrian . The pedestrian spent the next three minutes screaming obscenities.  

All I wanted was just some relative peace.

Not total peace. I knew I was out in public and I was not the only person around.

Why does stuff have to be like this? What is wrong with people?

Above is a picture from a photo essay submitted to the BBC.

The photographer, one Annie McClimont, took some pictures of an abandoned fishing village in Newfoundland.   

I wish I could have that kind of quiet for just one day a month. Just enough to keep me going for the rest of the time.

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