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There Is Nothing Wrong With Admitting That You Just Don’t Know

Above is a National Weather Service radar picture from yesterday afternoon of Tropical Storm Debby.

I enjoyed the three question marks in this image.

I also like where it says “Considerable uncertainty with forecast movement beyond Sunday.

It may well be the case that despite having satellites and radar and scientists and computer models that you still may not know which way the storm is heading.

There is no nothing at all wrong in admitting that you are simply not sure about something.

This radar image is a fine lesson for us all.

Here is the National Weather Service Tropical Weather page for the Houston-Galveston area.

Here is the Weather Underground page for Tropical Storm Debby. 

What course will the storm take this week? Will it be a strong storm?

All anybody can do is guess.

No shame in that.

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We Can Have A Warm Heart Even In Hard Freeze—“Begin Making Plans For Folks That Might Need A Little Extra Help”

When the weather gets cold in Houston, people cover up their  plants with sheets, tablecloths, and towels.

This is what you see at a Houston home in a picture I took today.

Temperatures expected soon in the low 20’s or high teens will be the lowest temperatures recorded in Houston since 1996.

Houston is a place where it is often hot outside.

A “hard freeze” warning is in effect.

In this freeze warning the National Weather Service says the following—

Begin making plans for folks that might need a little extra help.

This is one of the nicest things I have read or heard said all day.

This is a suggestion we can all follow regardless of the weather.

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