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Invasive Pacu Fish Caught In Concho River In Texas—Why Do People Need To Keep Flesh-Eating Fish And Killer Pythons?

The Facebook page of the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife reports that a Pacu fish was caught recently in the Concho River near San Angelo.

Above you see the Pacu that was caught.

A Pacu is a flesh-eating freshwater fish that should be living in South America where it belongs.  The Pacu is a relative of the Piranha.

Her are some facts about this fish.

Here are facts and some history of the Concho River.

Here is how the San Angelo Standard-Times reported the capture of this fish.

The person who caught this fish had been looking to catch catfish.

The Pacu is an invasive species that messes up natural ecosystems. People illegally dump these fish into streams and rivers. A lot of folks just have no sense.

The Federal Department of Agriculture has a National Invasive  Species Information Center. 

These efforts will continue so long as we don’t slash federal spending to the bone as part of the Ayn Rand budgeting advocated by Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan.

We can have our rivers filled up with flesh-eating fish to go along with all the Pythons now slithering about the U.S.

Of course the core issue is our fellow citizens who feel they need to keep killer fish and killer snakes as pets, and then–shockingly–find that they can’t manage keeping such creatures.

So they just let them loose on the rest of us.

I’d suggest to people that they read a book or take up a model train hobby instead of inflicting killer creatures upon the nation.

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I’m Certain The Brown Furry Thing I Saw Was A Nutria—Nutria Links

I’m pretty certain the brown furry thing in the picture is a Nutria.

I took this picture this past may at the Houston National Veteran’s Cemetery.

I wish I had gotten a better picture of the creature, but it scampered away into the pond.

In any case I was close to it as I needed to be.

At first I was uncertain what it was. But I poked around on the internet for a time and came to view that what I had seen was Nutria.

Below is better picture of this creature that also includes some nice ducks. (Photo by J. Patrick Fischer.)

The Nutria is native to South America and was imported to Louisiana in the 1930’s so that a Nutria fur trading trade could take place in the U.S.

Not surprisingly some escaped and now they are all over.

Here are facts about the Nutria from the online Mammals of Texas.

Here are facts and a number of Nutria related links from the National Invasive Species Information Center of the federal government.

You can get an affliction from this varmint called the “Nutria Itch.”

Here is the Nutria Trappers Association.

I’m glad that I when I saw the Nutria it chose to dive into the pond and not instead to charge at me.

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