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NAFTA Not To Blame For Blue Collar Workers Voting Republican Or Kids Not Studying

Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton are running away from any notion that they once supported NAFTA.

They are criticizing various trade agreements with other nations.

Underlying this is the fear that American workers have that living standards are declining.

As they are.

Would it do any good to remind many working people how often they have based their votes on appeals to racism and on who would best protect their right to own many guns?

I suppose it would not.

However, one thing the candidates could tell blue collar workers and other working people, is that their kids need to put away the video games and turn off the cell phone and go study.

We could tell these people the truth about how rough the future is going to be instead of blaming people in some other country.

Both parties share the blame for selling average people down the river on a variety of fronts when it comes to wages and job security. Yet one gets the sense that many parents have little idea of just what it will take to make their kids competitive for good jobs.

You can’t blame NAFTA for that.

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