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Review Of Contraband—I Liked All The Ships In The Movie

Last night I saw the movie Contraband.

This movie was about people smuggling stuff aboard big ships.

Here is my review of this movie—

“Contraband was enjoyable. There was plenty of action and many interesting pictures of ships and of Panama City, Panama.”  

This covers my thoughts about Contraband.

Here are some facts on what it is like to visit Panama.

Last week I saw The Artist.

There were many more people in the theater to see Contraband than there were to see The Artist.

The Artist was quite enjoyable as well. It was a black-and-white mostly silent movie about the film industry back in black-and-white, silent film days.

Go see The Artist so that the big megaplexs will still show such type movies along with action-packed movies about people smuggling stuff on big ships.

Above is a picture I took in Galveston, Texas a few hours ago of ships passing in the day. These are the type of ships that were in Contraband.

This is because art echoes life.

Or is it the other way around?

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Family Entertainment

I watched the 1955 Katherine Hepburn movie Summertime a few weeks back.

I caught this scene where Ms. Hepburn gave a small Italian boy a cigarette.

I wish we could get back to those good old days of wholesome entertainment.

Things were so much better back in the day.

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Why I Watch Jaws Each Summer—The Chamber Of Commerce Would Tell You There Is No Shark Problem

Here are the reasons I watch the movie Jaws each summer.

1. I think it would be  nice to spend a summer in Long Island at some beach town.

2. I like looking at the ocean.

3. I like movies that involve sea creatures because I like sea creatures. Here is a recent press release from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration about a program to restore the population of Blacknose Sharks. NOAA has great press releases about all sorts of ocean-related topics.

(Above–A Blacknose Shark. Here are some facts about Blacknose Sharks from the Florida Museum of Natural History.)

4. Because I’d rather see the movie many times than read the book again. I read Jaws by Peter Benchley a few years back. I figured that I would for once in my life read some mass-market beach-read type of book.

The book was awful. It was silly. There was some sort of plot line involving the mob or something like that. The book was not nearly as good as most of the novels I normally read. 

Call me a snob—I don’t care. I’ll call you back something in reply.

Here is an obituary of Peter Benchley. Sure he was a global best-selling author—But did he ever have a blog?

From the obit—

“It was while working as a freelance writer that he was invited to lunch by Tom Congdon, an editor at Doubleday, who asked if he had any ideas for a novel. In fact, he had. As he later described it, he said, “I’ve been thinking about a novel about a great white shark that appears off a Long Island resort and afflicts it.” The idea came from a news article he had read about a fisherman who caught a 4,500-pound great white shark off Long Island in 1964. Having spent many hours fishing off Nantucket with his father, he knew of sharks, and he believed he knew how to tell a story.”

 5. I like the part where the local Chamber of Commerce tells the police chief to keep the beaches open despite the shark attacks. The private sector is always making up some sort of story.

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Brilliant Young Person Writes Movie Review Blog

A brilliant young person here in Houston, who I’ll call Eric, has begun a new blog.  Eris is 20 or something like that.

The blog is called Cinematronica. It’s difficult to keep up with a blog to the extent of writing a movie review each day, but so far Eric is sticking with it. He puts a lot if effort into the blog.

Eric writes about a wide variety of movies as his intellect and intrests range far and wide. 

I know Eric reasonably well and I can tell you he is a smart young man of very high character. Please check out his blog as often as you are able. You’ll be glad you did and so will he.

Above is a movie poster from the 1930’s written in Czech. I have no idea what it says.

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Paul Blart—Making Fun Of People Like Ourselves

Mall Cop

A popular movie in recent days has been Paul Blart: Mall Cop. And let me say right off that I have not seen this movie and I’m not going to see this movie.  Some books can indeed be judged by their covers. Some movies can be judged by their advertisements and previews.

Here is review of Paul Blart by the New York Times critic who had to see the movie as part of his job—-  

“Fat people are funny. Fat people who fall over are funnier. Fat people who fall over and have humiliating working-class jobs? Stop, you’re killing me! This would seem to be the entire guiding principle behind “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” a tossed-off comedy from Adam Sandler’s production company.. In the title role, Kevin James plays a lovable New Jersey doofus whose dreams of joining the police are foiled by a hypoglycemic condition that causes him to pass out in ostensibly hilarious contexts. Reduced to working security at a huge, bustling shopping mall located in some economically vibrant fantasyland, Blart falls in love with the perky proprietress of a hair-extension franchise (Jayma Mays). Enter — because why not? — a gang of thieves plotting to hack into the mall’s credit-card profits. Put down the nachos, Paul Blart! It’s time to, well, to fall over some more and bump into things and make silly faces and save the world and get the girl.”

I’m all for silly. Silly is good. I know people need relief from the endless hassles and stress of day-to-day life. Yet I don’t know why we get a kick out of making fun of people like ourselves. My inner-Marxist will come out here, but this is just what the rich want us to do. They want us to not respect ourselves. Us hating the person we see in the mirror makes it easier for our wages and what is left of our retirement benefits to be chopped even more.

I sure get tired of criticisms of and jokes about auto workers, postal workers, government employees, allegedly disinterested retail employees and, in this case, mall cops. 

We haggle over pennies for the lowest prices, do online what we could use a real live employed person to do almost as easily, and, as a whole, have little respect or regard for our fellow working people.

It seems sometimes that nothing is more scary than respecting people who remind us of ourselves. Because if we did, we might then have to confront the lack of respect with which we view ourselves and the people closest to us.

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Obama Harvesting Texas For Volunteers—I’m All For It

The Obama Campaign has held a Camp Obama in Houston to train volunteers for the Obama campaign. Here is the Houston for Obama web page. The Houston Obama people say in the post about Camp Obama that they will hold more such training sessions. 

As Texas is not likely to be a contested state in November, it seems that some number of these volunteers will go to so-called battleground states. 

Some don’t approve. Some say that volunteers are being harvested from Houston and Harris County when we have important work to do to win Harris County back from the Republicans. 

Though I don’t agree, this is a view many might reasonably hold.

Below is a scene from the Tom Cruise version of War of the Worlds. The aliens are harvesting human beings and fertilizing alien crops with human blood. That’s why everything is red in the picture. 


However, I see a far more benign picture of Camp Obama. They are not people from a distant world. They share much the same goals as all Democrats in Harris County and Texas. 

The Obama people are bringing new people into the political process and sharing the bounty with the rest of the country. That’s how I see it. These people will remain in Harris County after the election and be a renewable source of political talent that will rise up each campaign season to help the cause. 

The Harris County Democratic Coordinated Campaign is making a strong effort and there is room enough for all.

The goal of electing Barack Obama President is Job One for Democrats in 2008. 

Here is the link for Texans For Obama. Check out the link and see how you can help Barack Obama any place that help is needed.

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Wife Okays My Purchase Of Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

My wife and I were in Target today.

We walked past the DVD aisle and I saw that Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle was on sale for $7.99.

I told the wife I wanted the movie.

Last week I told that wife that I had a dream that I watched Harold & Kumar.

It’s true. I had just such a dream.

I showed the wife the movie. She just looked at me. She noticed it was the “Extreme Unrated” version.

I said that was the only one they had for sale. I think it’s the only one they make.

The wife shook her head and told me to buy the movie if I wanted it.

I do not need to run every purchase by the wife, but I was uncertain that she wanted $8 of our money spent on Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle.

The wife is a great wife. She’s the best person in the world.

Here is a review of Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle.   

I notice that it is from the director of “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

That was a helluva movie. I just hope that Harold & Kumar is half as good.  

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