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Houston Neighborhoods Should Relocate To Suit Strip Club Locations

The City of Houston has won a long legal battle with a strip club called The Penthouse Club. The city asserted that the club was too close to a residential neighborhood. A court has upheld Houston’s claim. Click here for the details. It seems the city soon intends to go on the offensive with a number of these lawsuits.   

My view is that the neighborhood should be made to relocate. We can’t let people get in the way of lawful business places. Neighborhood relocation would be a source of jobs for movers and, if we forced the people way out along the highways, new home construction.  Even better, maybe we could move the people to a remote location and then build a new highway to reach the new population center with all the new houses. 

No–That’s not really my view.

I’m glad to see an assertive city government advocating for people at the expense of sexually exploitative business places. Would you want your wife or sister or daughter working at one of those clubs? I think we could make that a test of people’s libertarian notions about these places. We’ll put your daughter up on stage dancing around the pole.

Many political issues are questions of morality—Far more than we realize can be classified as such. Decisions of who we tax and to what extent are questions of morality. How we spend tax money and for what purposes are also moral questions.  

Morality, and the debates at the ballot box and in city halls and legislative chambers around the nation between competing ideas of morality, are a foundation of politics and public policy.

So go Houston! Get rid of as many strip joints and such places as legally possible.

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Values Voters Prevail In Spanish Election

Voters holding strong moral values have prevailed in recent Spanish elections. 

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and his Socialist party will again lead Spain.

Prime Minister Zapatero ran on his first-term record.

This record included legalizing gay marriage, making it easier to get a divorce, pulling Spanish troops out of Iraq and allocating a larger share of the Spanish budget to the needs of the poor.

The Spanish public followed the right course and returned Mr. Zapatero to office. 

Here is a story about the election.

Here is a profile of Prime Minister Zapatero.

Here are some facts about Spain.

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