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I Don’t Understand Why Black Folks Got So Protective About Michael Jackson, But Are Often Silent About Conditions Bordering On Genocide For Young Black Men In Our Cities

I don’t understand why black folks got so protective of Michael Jackson after his death, but are not nearly as vocal about longstanding conditions in our cities that are little more than economic genocide and genocide by incarceration in our prisons for young black men, for other black people, and for people of many kinds.

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Shelia Jackson Lee Not At Funeral Of Deli Meat King Oscar Meyer


Packaged lunch meat king Oscar Meyer has died at the age of 95.

Above you see a picture of Mr. Meyer’s funeral.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has asked the Wienermobile be retired and that the Oscar Mayer company consider a line of vegetarian products.  

(The name of the company is Oscar Mayer. Meyer is the correct spelling for the man who is a subject of this post.)

Here is the web home of PETA.   Please click here to see what the folks at PETA think of the McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Mr. Meyer’s death was noted at Meat International.com. It is also the 30th anniversary of Certified Angus Beef.

As far as I know, Houston Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee was not at the service for Mr. Meyer.

Congresswoman Jackson Lee has established a reputation for attending funerals and for speaking at these funerals.   

Ms. Jackson Lee spoke at the memorial service for Michael Jackson. Below you see a picture of her at the service.


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While People Go On About Michael Jackson, Supreme Court Makes It More Difficult For Black Folks To Get Promoted At Work

While people go on about the death of Michael Jackson, an adult who often kept company with children that were not his own, the United States Supreme Court has made it more difficult for black folks to get promoted at work.

In a 5-4 decision , the Court ruled that the city of New Haven, Connecticut could not consider race in the context of an exam the city had used to help determine firefighter promotions.  

( Above—A memorial for Michael Jackson.)   

Here is a story on the case and the Supreme Court’s findings. 

Here is an editorial  on the ruling from the New York Times.

From the editorial—

The new standards announced by the court will make it much harder for employers to discard the results of hiring and promotion tests once they are administered, even if they have a disproportionately negative impact on members of a given racial group….Public employers that use civil service examinations and similar tests will be most directly affected, but the principle announced by the court applies to all employers and all sorts of procedures used to rank and sort potential and current employees….Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, reading a dissenting statement from the bench, said the majority had undermined a crucial civil rights law. “Congress endeavored to promote equal opportunity in fact, and not simply in form,” she said. “The damage today’s decision does to that objective is untold.”

Here is the NAACP viewpoint on this decision. 

Here is the text of the Court’s decision.

What are the odds that the New Haven Fire Department has been an equal opportunity employer over the years?

If people want to line up  and recall the life of a celebrity while a right-wing Supreme Court makes it harder for them to get ahead on the job—I can’t do anything about that. 

Even with a black man as President, many in this nation are eager to reverse the gains of the Civil Rights movement and to undo progress we have made in this nation. 

I can’t decide for others about what they need to be focusing on in life.

( Below–An Associated Press photo of New Haven firefighters celebrating outside the Supreme Court.)

In this photo taken June 29, 2009, Attorney Karen Torre, center, ...

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Death Of Michael Jackson

Mourning Michael Jackson

While I don’t want anybody to die, I felt that Michael Jackson was disgusting with children.

Mr. Jackson was found innocent of molestation charges and we have to accept that verdict as the final legal judgment on the matter. Yet I don’t have to respect him.  

I’m sorry for anybody in Mr. Jackson’s family or for any personal friends who are feeling his loss today. That’s the sympathy I can muster.     

Above you see people mourning the death of Michael Jackson. I just can’t understand this kind of reaction. Don’t people have more in their lives?

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Michael Jackson Saw Swine Flu Outbreak Before We Did

Above is a picture of Michael Jackson wearing a mask a few years ago.

We laughed at the time—But soon masks may be all the rage.

Though odds are we’ll still shake our heads when we think of Michael Jackson in the mask.

( Please click here for an explanation of Swine Flu and for handwashing tips.)     

(Here is some good biographical information on Michael Jackson from MTV.)

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