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I Had A Dream Last Night That Howard Dean Had Become President

I had a dream last night that Howard Dean had become President.

In my dream, Governor Dean became President after Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama could not end their campaign.

John McCain was never in the dream. Mr. Dean simply became President when the Democratic race got log jammed.  

In this dream I had last night Republican don’t even exist. 

It was a pretty good dream.

Though I wish it had gone on longer to the point where the first President from Vermont ordered that all citizens should receive free maple syrup.  

I once had a dream that Mary Tyler Moore had become President.

This was a disappointing dream because it turned out that she was a Republican.

Though in reality—not to suggest that my dreams are not reality—I’m pretty sure Mary Tyler Moore is a Democrat.

Below is what a Mary Tyler Moore administration would look like.

President Moore is in the center and is surrounded by her cabinet.


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