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2010 Texas A & M Maroon Out Shirt Is Pure Socialism

Above is a shirt design for an upcoming Texas A & M football game.

There is, I’ve just read, a yearly custom at A & M called Maroon Out that involves the design of a new Aggie t-shirt.

This year’s slogan is pure socialism. I love it.

“None of us are as strong as all of us.”

This slogan is fully appropriate as A & M is a public institution. It is owned by all the people of Texas.

They say that A & M is a conservative campus in a conservative state.

Maybe though Aggies are seeing the light.

We are at our best when we come together as a society to meet the challenges of the day.

I’m certain Aggies all over our great nation take Social Security benefits and make use all types of government services.

Here is a link to a post I did about the 1912 socialist platform. It is filled with crazy ideas like a minimum wage and a progressive income tax.

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