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Enjoying The 4th Of July & All Summer In New York City—From The Texas Liberal N.Y.C. Correspondent

(Blogger’s Note–This is a post from Texas Liberal New York City correspondent Lyuba Halkyn. Lyuba posts at Texas Liberal roughly every couple of weeks. She’s a great addition to the blog and I encourage you to read her posts.  If you type Lyuba’s name in the search engine box to the right, you’ll be able to access all her posts on the blog.  Lyuba wrote this post and took the pictures of Riverside Park. I’ve added a few links. Thanks for reading Texas Liberal.)

With the 4th of July holiday behind us, I wanted to share that New York City is a great place to celebrate.  I was privileged to watch spectacular fireworks over the Hudson River.  I am a big fan of fireworks for no particular reason except the dynamic colors in the sky.  Also, enjoying hot weather, 4th of July festivities always indicate that summer is full on.

I was able to stake out a great place to view the fireworks near the 79th St. boat basin. The crowds watching the fireworks show, were not only enthusiastic with the oohhs and the aahhs, but also very civilized.  Ever since I have lived in NYC, I have noticed an extra exuberance among crowds here.  Watching President Obama win the election was thrilling on the big screens in Times Square.  Even when seeing a movie at the theater you can count on extra participation from the audience.  I find New Yorkers and the tourists among us fun and entertaining.

If you are visiting NYC, this is a great spot to view the Hudson and get some summer grub at a nearby café that is right in the park.  Riverside Park is yet another of NYC’s great parks where one can walk, jog, bike, etc.  Standing at the pier overlooking the Hudson, New Jersey is in full view across the river.

The 4th of July, Independence Day, is a great time to join in celebration & festivities even if many times the barbecues and fireworks overshadow the meaning of the holiday.  I think it is great to remember why we celebrate holidays but just as important to get together with people and be a part of something great.

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King Phillip IV & Queen Mariana On New York’s 72nd Street—Latest From Texas Liberal New York City Desk

(Blogger’s Note—This is the latest offering from Texas Liberal New York City correspondent Lyuba Halkyn.  Ms. Halkyn wrote the post and took the pictures. I added the links.)

Two large, bronze sculptures of female abstracts seemed to appear overnight in my neighborhood several weeks ago.  These sculptures fit right into the landscape at the entrance of the subway at 72nd Street.  This is the subway that I frequently use.  It is a wonderful convenience to have a subway stop right outside my front door.  Now to enhance my daily mass transit experience, a Spanish, contemporary artist, by the name of Manolo Valdés, will be displaying his work throughout the Upper West Side neighborhoods of Manhattan from May 20, 2010- January 23, 2011.

These sculptures that are at the south entrance of 72nd Street, are two out of six large ladies called Reina Mariana and depict Queen Mariana as immortalized by the artist Diego Velázquez. Velázquez was Spain’s greatest baroque artist in the 17th century.  He became King Phillip IV’s official painter.  One of his greatest masterpieces was Las Meninas painted in 1656.  This painting depicted the daughter of King Phillip IV and Queen Mariana.  If you are not familiar with this painting, it is most definitely worth checking out.

I was not familiar with the background of either of these artists but found myself digging deeper into the history of these sculptures and finding out more about its influences.  I also found the connection between a modern day artist/sculptor, Valdés, and a baroque, 17th century artist, Velázquez intriguing enough to mention.

Living in a vibrant city, such as New York, free art pops up everywhere.  It’s even better when it pops up right outside my front door.

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Texas Liberal Now Has New York City Correspondent

I’m glad to announce that Texas Liberal now has a New York City correspondent.  My friend Lyuba Halkyn will post on the blog at least every two weeks. Lyuba is pictured above. I’m very glad to have Lyuba on-board. I’ve long wanted to report that Texas Liberal had a correspondent somewhere in thee world. Below is Lyuba’s introductory post. I’ve put in bold to indicate how glad I am to have now a far-flung network of bloggers at Texas Liberal—

When I first moved to New York City from the Midwest in 1998, I was told that after living in the City for ten years, one acquires official New Yorker status.  So that means that I have been official for about two years.  I still love the lifestyle that NYC provides.  It can be a love-hate relationship at times.

It is a city in which you practically have to give a DNA sample in order to get approved for a rental lease.  What New Yorkers go through, in order to legally be on a lease, is what people in other cities go through to purchase dwellings.  Not to mention, if you would like to purchase a humble abode on this island of Manhattan, you should probably plan on selling your first-born.

Once you have found a place to live, you really can never get lonely in this city, literally people everywhere. Free entertainment is one of the perks of living in the City.  Some of the places that you can find worthwhile entertainment is on subways and subway platforms, certain street blocks, and especially underground walkways that connect all of the subways (some of the best).  The variety of entertainment ranges from symphony worthy string performers, a mariachi band, to blues band.  In a busy NYC life, it is easy to take such entertainment for granted.  Knowing it’s there is a comfort.

Having Central Park for a back yard is pretty cool too.

‘Being a New Yorker’ as my official title, I would like to introduce myself as a jetsettin’, New York livin’, first generation from Ukrainian parents, thirty-something, dog & people lovin’, female (and then some) who will be your NYC correspondent.

Victory for our doormen and apartment workers, whose Union was able to negotiate a four-year contract with a ten percent wage increase and no givebacks in benefits while avoiding a strike.  Yahoo!

(Below–Manhattan in the early 1930’s)

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