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Mitt Romney Always With An Eye For The Offshore Opportunity

Above is a recent picture from the Mitt Romney Facebook page.

You see that there are what look to be some islands in the background of the photo.

Maybe these islands could be yet another place for Mr. Romney to stash his millions of dollars in offshore cash.

Here is the Vanity Fair investigation of Governor Romney’s offshore millions. 

Here is a recent Associated Press investigation of Mr. Romney’s offshore millions. 

Despite having millions and millions of dollars, Mitt Romney pays a tax rate lower than the rate paid by an American making $ 50,000 a year. 

Mitt Romney’s work at Bain Capital led to hard working Americans losing their jobs. 

Beyond this record of hidden assets and the destruction of American jobs, Mitt Romney changes his position on important issues all the time. 

Disloyal to our working people and dishonest all the time, why is Mitt Romney even viewed as a credible candidate for any office in our nation?

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Gene Locke Willing To Tell Bigger Lies Than Annise Parker To Win Right-Wing Voters

Gene Locke, a Democrat running for Mayor of Houston, has apparently entered into a coalition or agreement of some kind with local far-right conservatives.

Mr. Locke’s rival for Mayor, City Controller Annise Parker, is a lesbian. These conservatives don’t want a gay Mayor. Mr. Locke, a black man, seems willing to use these prejudices to help get elected.

Ms. Parker has also sought the support of Republicans and conservatives in this election. The Mayor’s race has not featured a credible Republican candidate, so Democrats Locke and Parker have in essence lied to convey the idea that they are acceptable to Republicans.

( Does Ms. Parker think that Republicans here in Houston, Texas who might vote for her are enlightened in some fashion? Could she please point us to the enlightened wing of the Republican Party in Texas?)

Mr. Locke has no known history of bias towards gay folks. It’s clear enough that he’ll do pretty much anything to win.

Ms. Parker will not do anything to win. She would likely lose a “lie-off” with Mr. Locke. I doubt she’ll fake hating black folks to win that segment of the hate vote.

Another thing Ms. Parker hasn’t done to win is energize the Democratic base in our majority-Democratic city of Houston with a consistent focus on social and economic justice and fair play.

Mr. Locke is a wrongdoer. Decent folks in our city would be crazy to vote this guy.

As for Ms. Parker—I can offer my enthusiastic support of the clear fact that she is at least not Gene Locke.

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Money Does Indeed Grow On Trees

I bought the Texas Lottery instant ticket you see above, called Money Tree, because it confirmed my long-held suspicion that money does in fact grow on trees.

I think it is great that the State of Texas sells to its people a lottery ticket called “Money Tree.”

Money is easy to come by!

I wonder if the money on the money tree has grown on the tree like leaves, or if it became stuck to the tree after falling from the sky.

Poor people play the lottery more than other folks. States know this when they establish lotteries. But setting up a lottery is an easier way to raise revenue than taxing the people who would most able to afford paying taxes.

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It Was Always A Lie That Public Money To Build Stadiums For Reds And Bengals Would Help Downtown Cincinnati

When hundreds of millions of dollars in public funding was approved in the late 1990’s for new stadiums for the Cincinnati Reds and the Cincinnati Bengals, the public was told that these new stadiums would help revitalize Downtown Cincinnati.

When you take a walk around Downtown Cincinnati, you know that this promise was not kept. Downtown is no better, and quite possibly worse, than when the stadiums were built.

Though the fact is that the public money was always about helping the Reds and Bengals and never about the larger community.

Imagine if the public money had been spent to help people buy homes or get health insurance or go to school.

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