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History Of American Women Is A Great Blog

Dicey Langston medal

If I had the time, the kind of blog I would write beyond Texas Liberal is the blog called History of American Women.

Here is the link to this excellent blog.

(Above–From the History of American Women post about Revolutionary War patriot Dicey Langston-Springfield.) 

Run by a woman who goes by the name Maggiemac in North Fort Myers, Florida, History of American Women is about women from colonial and revolutionaryera  America. The blog offers profiles and, where available, paintings of these women.  

Maggiemac also provides historical overviews of the colonies and addresses topics such as slavery in the colonies, witchcraft trials and the lives of Native Americans.

From my own experience as a blogger, I can only imagine the time Maggiemac puts into her blog to make it such a enjoyable and useful resource.

Here is Maggimac’s profile of Lydia Chapin Taft.  Ms. Taft was the first legal woman voter in America. She first cast a  vote in a Massachusetts town meeting in 1756. 

Here is a post about rights held by early 18th-century Cherokee women.

From the post–

Women in Cherokee society had the same rights as men. Long before the arrival of the white man, women enjoyed a major role in the family life, economy, and government of the Cherokee. They lived in villages built along the rivers of western North Carolina, northwestern South Carolina, northern Georgia, and eastern Tennessee. When white men visited these villages in the early 1700s, they were surprised by the rights and privileges of Indian women.

Sometimes you see something in life that merits your recognition and time. I can’t recommend History of American Women strongly enough.

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