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If You Touch The 2000 Year Old Sundial At The Art Museum, You Are Yelled At And Followed

If you touch the art at the Houston Museum of Fine Art, one of the docents in the exhibit hall will yell at you from across the room, run quickly over to you, and, finally, admonish you.

Then, the docent will follow you until you leave his area of the museum. 

This is what I saw happen last week after an art museum guest touched an ancient sundial from Afghanistan.

In my view, the sundial was made out of rock and had already lasted something like 2000 years. I don’t see that touching it was going to hurt the thing.

Maybe museum goers could be provided  with a sanitizing towelette before they touched the art so that they would not get the art all foody or sticky.

When I was at the Lourve  15 years ago or so, there were signs in maybe 8 different languages telling you not to take pictures of the Mona Lisa. 

(Here is the link to the Mona Lisa Suite Hotel in Orlando.) 

(Here is the link to theMona Lisa Restaurant in Wolcott, Connecticut.)

Yet many people were taking pictures, including flash pictures, of the Mona Lisa in any case. I don’t think this was harming the painting. It’s held up for a long time already. Maybe if they handed out wallet-sized pictures as you entered the gallery, people would not take the photos.

I don’t want to say that I approve of touching the 2000 year old sundial or of taking flash pictures of the Mona Lisa, but I suppose you might gather from the tone of this post that I view witnessing such behavior as some good entertainment.

Below is the Mona Lisa. You don’t have to fly to Paris to see the damn thing.

File:Mona Lisa.jpg

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