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I can be seen here standing and reading at The Comet. The Comet is a bar in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I was taking part in a book release event for the new Aurore Press book Living in the Lap of Labor. I have an essay in this book.

I’d provide a link, but I’m posting with my smart phone and don’t know how to add links when posting with the smart phone.

It was great to be with longtime friends. I can’t overstress the value of keeping up with people over the years

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Living In The Lap Of Labor Book Release At Comet In Cincinnati On 9/3—-It Shall Be A Big Event

(Blogger’s Note—As you can see below, I’ll be taking part in the big event that is the subject of this post. Please stop by and say hello if you are in Cincinnati!)  

Living in the Lap of Labor Book Release September 3!

LIVING IN THE LAP OF LABOR is the latest and greatest from the hard-working editors of Aurore Press on the subject of LABOR. You know, the daily drudgery, grind, sweat, slog, moil, slavery, travail, chore, duty, treadmill…look it up yourself!

THE BOOK includes over 20 writers expanding on the topic of WORK. On September 3 at The Comet, get the book, hear 14 contributors read and listen to the working class sounds of Uncle Dave Lewis & William Gilmore Weber IIIDixie Trash and SS-20!

Be sure to get a book this Saturday. The first 40 copies are available in a limited edition super industrial format!

Readings begin at 9:30 PM

Nathan Singer
Mark Flanigan
Nick Barrows
Uncle Dave Lewis
Neil Aquino

Mark Messerly

Chuck Byrd
Justin Patrick Moore

Yvette Nepper
Luke Radkey
Betsy Young
Michael Kearns
Candace Miller-Janidlo

The Comet is located at 4579 Hamilton Avenue in Northside: www.cometbar.com.
Be sure to RSVP and let us know you’re coming!

Followed by the music of:

Uncle Dave Lewis & 
William Gilmore Weber III

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Aurore Press Is A Leading Forum For Dissenting Views In Cincinnati—You Have The Ability To Communicate Your Values

This evening I worked on my entry for the Aurore Press book you see discussed below–

“Living in the Lap of Labor book Release September 3 at The Comet— As many of you know already, we like to put our best foot forward by putting out a collection of writings, musings, rantings, etc. on the topic of our choice with the help of many of our (much more) talented friends followed by a spoken word performance.  We’ve had our next topic in our pocket for some time now but it’s fortunately (or unfortunately) an extremely timely one: WORK. This is a labor book featuring a few of our favorite writers.”

Aurore Press is a leading forum for dissenting views in Cincinnati. I’m glad to say that I’ve contributed to two Aurore books already. I’ve also been fortunate enough to serve as MC for one of the Cincinnati punk rock reunion shows that Aurore holds each year.

The Comet is a well-known Cincinnati bar  I’ll be taking part in the September 3 spoken word event at The Comet.

Click here to learn more about Aurore. They have accomplished a lot so far and they have much more in the works.

Here is what Aurore has to say about themselves—

“Aurore Press began publishing as an independent micro press in 2007. Headquartered in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, Aurore Press is the sweat of co-publishers Betsy Young and Chuck Byrd who felt after many drunken, but dead serious, conversations with the most amazing and creative people we knew there was a definite need to showcase some of these unique viewpoints, ideas and talents stewing in Cincinnati’s creative scene on any given time (and not just when the media decides Cincinnati is “in”).

Thnaks to Aurore for allowing me to be a small part of their success.

Every person has the ability to take action and make a difference in the fashion that the founders of Aurore have achieved. Nobody is powerless. Think about the way that you can best contribute . Don’t let the Tea Party and our most regressive people define our futures.

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