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Litter In Houston Bayous—Crying Indian Commerical Asks Us Not To Live Like Pigs As Our Political And Corporate Leaders Would Like Us To Live

Above is a picture I took  a few days ago of a tree that fell into Buffalo Bayou not far from Downtown Houston.

This fallen tree collected a great degree of  organic debris and litter.

The organic debris is a fact of existence. But the litter is stuff that people decided to discard in an inappropriate manner.

You can see that a great deal of litter has been collected here as well.

Below is a picture that I took a few months ago of where White Oak Bayou flows into Buffalo Bayou in Downtown Houston.

There is also a great deal of litter in this picture.

It is up to the individual to decide if to litter or not.

I don’t know why people can’t respect themselves by respecting the world they live in each day and by seeing that we all share this interconnected world.

This is an issue in Houston and in all places.

Below is the famous anti-littering public service commercial  from the early 1970’s featuring the Indian in the canoe.

While it should not be forgotten that big corporations cause most pollution, we all also have the choice not to litter.

We must also recall that work of holding corporations accountable and addressing climate change is up to each of us.

Of course our leaders and our big corporations would let us live like pigs and treat each other like dirt.

It is up to each of us to live in a way that makes clear that we each merit more than our political and corporate leaders would offer us.

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Damned Litter

Here is a picture I took of some litter that was blocked by a barrier near the confluence of White Oak Bayou and Buffalo Bayou in Downtown Houston.

You could call it damned littler because it is so nasty.

Or you could call it damned litter as it is held back by a barrier.

See? Get it?

Damned litter.

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Please Stop Littering In Tony Marron Park In Houston—How About Some Self-Respect For Ourselves As Everyday People?

May I please ask people to stop littering Tony Marron Park in Houston.

It is a nice park. Why would anybody litter in a nice park that is for all the people?

What is wrong with people?

How we conduct ourselves in a park that belongs to all the people is a measure of self-respect.

We’ve got to respect ourselves as everyday people using the common resources.

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Wildflowers & Litter=Houston

Wildflowers and litter on a Houston street corner.

Houston has plenty of both wildflowers and litter.

Maybe some of the litter becomes compost and helps the wildflowers grow.

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Harris County District Clerk Chang Befouls Public Park With Campaign Signs

Campaign yard signs for Harris County, Texas District Clerk Theresa Chang, a Republican, were placed on the grounds of Memorial Park and near the entrance of the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center. I saw a bunch of these signs yesterday morning and a few remained this morning.  

( Above is a visual representation of the Chang for Clerk campaign.) 

Incredibly, the District Clerk’s job involves working within our county “justice” system. The clerk collects fees and keeps records for the courts. The clerk is also also responsible for summoning jurors.

What example is Ms. Chang setting for people who ignore a jury summons?  

Maybe Ms. Chang is getting political tips from Harris County “Judge” Linda Storey. Citizens of our community may well recall the appalling number of Storey campaign signs in the public right-of-way back in 2006. Now Ms. Storey judges others. It’s remarkable.

I think campaign yard signs on public property, or in vacant lots, should be nailed to the side of the candidate’s home.

The Democrat running for District Clerk is Loren Jackson. I strongly support Mr. Jackson. That is until I see one of his signs in a right-of-way. Then I will write a post such as this about Mr. Jackson. Though I have faith such a day will never come.

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