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A Lighthouse At Every Intersection—Guidance & Jobs

In Galveston a few weeks ago, I came across an intersection where there was a lighthouse.

I’d like to see a lighthouse at every intersection in the United States.

People seem to have lost their way in so many respects. Many have grounded their ships of hope and decency on the rocky shoals of anger and fear.

Even if you don’t believe people would be better if they there was a lighthouse at every intersection, think of the jobs that would be created by such a project.

For additional jobs, these lighthouses could be staffed by lighthouse keepers.

Of course, we all have our internal lighthouse of our beliefs, our knowledge, and the good people in our lives.

Sadly though, many are so lost in the fog that a lighthouse does not seem to help them.

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Follow The Lighthouse To Marcee Stone’s Campaign In The 34th House District Of Washington

As regular readers of the blog may have noticed, I enjoy the ocean. I often make posts about ships and sea creatures.

Last week in Seattle, I saw the political yard sign you see above.

I saw that sign and said to myself that if I were to run for office, this is just the type of sign I would use for my campaign.

I like the simple symbolism of the lighthouse that helps folks steer away from the rocky shores that could sink their boats.

Because the bottom of the sign was cut off from view, I could not tell what office Marcee Stone was running for or what party she represented.

As it turns out, Marcee Stone is a Democrat running in the 34th House district of Washington.

Here is Ms. Stone’s campaign web home.

Below is a picture of Ms. Stone.

Marcee answers a question about property rights.

Here are some facts about Ms. Stone from her campaign site–

“Marcee Stone has been the Board President for statewide organization Washington Public Campaigns (www.washclean.org) since 2007 and has been active in fighting for public campaign financing bills in the legislature. In 2008 the Governor signed SB 5278 allowing the use of public funds to finance campaigns for local office and Marcee is currently working for the passage of the Supreme Court Fair Elections bills (SB 5912/HB 1738). All three legislators from the 34th have signed on to these bills and the following is excerpted from the 34th District Democrats’ past platform, “We support limitations on individual and corporate contributions and on candidate spending, and public financing for elections for national office.” To that end, Marcee has pledged not to take contributions from corporations or PACs.”

Washington State has no income tax. Here is what Ms Stone says about this fact—

“I believe that it is time for comprehensive tax reform here in Washington.  Washington is one of only four states that do not have some form of an income tax.  Instead, we rely on the sales tax which is very regressive and places a disproportionate level of taxation on low income families, the property tax, which is literally forcing seniors on a fixed income out of their homes, and the Business and Occupation tax which is driving businesses out of Washington State at a time when we need them the most.  We need fairness and stability in our tax system and we should have the added benefit of being able to deduct the taxes we pay here in Washington against our Federal Income Tax.  This issue has been studied and talked about for years.  The time for meaningful reform is now.  W need a comprehensive approach that puts everything on the table with the goal of a system that honors our seniors on a fixed income, provides fairness to low income residents, and encourages business growth here in Washington.”

This is a stance by Ms. Stone that takes some guts. It is the right stance for the hard-working people of the 34th and for all of Washington State.

A more fair tax structure would also be a great idea for Texas. It would be great if we had Democrats in Texas that were willing to address this subject.

Here is a profile of Ms. Stone.

The 34th House district of Washington is an open seat being vacated by an incumbent Democrat. The primary will be held on August 17.  Here is an article about this four candidate race.

34th District Democrats have a blog. The district includes West Seattle, White Center, Burien, and Vashon and Maury Islands.

Here is the web home of the Washington House.

I like Ms. Stone and I hope she wins.

(Below–Maury Island.)

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Holiday Lighthouse Reflects Competing Tendencies Of Our Existence

Above is my holiday lighthouse.

Each year I take the lighthouse out of the closet and put it on top of my television.

If you turn on the switch, the lighthouse makes a foghorn sound.

It makes sounds of bells, waves, and seagulls.

Also, Santa and his reindeer fly around and around the lighthouse.

The holiday lighthouse is meant to welcome you for the season—And to warn you away.

In these respects, the holiday lighthouse is reflective of competing tendencies in my personality.

You may also have contradictory or competing aspects of your nature.

Please don’t shy away from these aspects of who you are.

Contradiction and conflict are an essential part of our human nature, and of the structure of all things.

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Photo Of Chicago Lighthouse & Lake Michigan


Above is a photo of Lake Michigan taken in Chicago last summer.

The photo is of a Chicago Harbor lighthouse.

It being winter today, you could look at that photo out on the lake and feel a shiver. Don’t though. The picture was taken on a nice warm day.

Here is some information on Lake Michigan.

Here is a link to study some Chicago history.

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