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Texas Liberal Is Best Blog In Texas


Here’s why Texas Liberal is the best political blog in Texas. (And possibly beyond Texas.)

Texas Liberal is a good blog because I respect your intelligence with quality daily blogging on political opinion, history, books, marine mammals and many other subjects.

I know that you the blog reader has many different interests. 

Texas Liberal covers both local and global issues. New categories include both Houston Council ’07 and Burma Protests. 

I run thought-provoking series such as Central Questions, Turning 40, Marine Mammal of the Week, Four For The Fourth and the new Let’s Help Our Blogger Friends Around The World. 

I sometimes run Reading Lists. I know you like to read.   

Texas Liberal is the only political blog I know of to run this great drawing of Astrapotherium magnum being bothered by Phorusrhacos longissimus. The bird is also known as “The Terror Bird.”

Also, I love my wife very much. I have family values. Please click here for a great picture of my wife.

Posts I’ve written have been linked to by Crooks and Liars, Slate, The Agonist and rebecca’s pocket. I’m a featured political blogger at the Houston Chronicle and I blog at Where’s The Outrage?  —Home of the Errington Thompson podcast.    

Most of all, Texas Liberal is the best blog in Texas because I share this distinction with such great blogs as —-Jobsanger , B and BWho’s Playin’?Brains & EggsFeet to the FireSouth Texas ChismePanhandle Truth SquadBlue BlogginThe Texas CloverleafMusings, Greg’s Opinon and many others.

Consistent with my left-views on economic questions, the best things are things that are shared.

Please read Texas Liberal often.  

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