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Why I Oppose Legalizing Marijauna

I oppose the legalization of marijuana because I can’t imagine any more idiotic behavior taking place out in open society.  While I realize people already are smoking marijuana, making it legal would mean even more people would smoke marijuana and that public conduct would become even more dumb and offensive. 

I favor legalization of medical marijuana.

Every couple of weeks or so, I drive on a local highway here in Houston around midnight on a Saturday night. I don’t have much choice but to drive at that hour. I’m convinced at least 25% of the drivers I’m sharing the road with at that time are drunk or, at the least, have been drinking. Isn’t that enough? Do we now need stoned people (or even more stoned people) on the highway to go with the drunks and drag racers and assorted nuts?

Just look at how people behave as a general matter. Even when not drunk or stoned. Isn’t it rotten enough already? Should we legalize acts that will bring about even more bad public behavior? Aren’t things idiotic enough?   

I don’t favor harsh penalties for drug users. I support drug courts that work to get people to stop using drugs. 

I don’t want to have to share the public space with a bunch of stoned people when going out into the world is often maddening as it is. 

If you can find a way to legalize marijuana with a law that nobody can leave home while stoned, I might consider supporting that. By this I don’t mean not driving while stoned. But not being able to leave home at all while under the influence of marijuana—With a big fine for being out after smoking weed.

Stay the hell away from me when you are smoking weed.  There are enough hassles already. 

(Here is a history of marijuana use.)

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Wife Has Jury Duty—Painting Of Bored Jury

My wife, the best person ever, has beeen assigned to a jury in our Harris County, Texas courts.

Below is the painting The Jury. This was completed in 1861 by the British artist John Morgan. 

You’ll find this painting at the Buckinghamshire Museum over in England. Below is a picture of the museum.

County Museum 

Here is some history of the American Jury System. 

From that history—

“The jury trial was a significant expression of “the consent of the governed” in American history. Among the reasons given by the signers of the Declaration of Independence to “dissolve the Political Bonds” which connected them to Great Britain was the deprivation “of the Benefits of Trial by Jury.” Trial by jury in criminal cases was incorporated into the Constitution itself, and the grand jury, the criminal petit jury, and the civil petit jury all were enumerated in the Bill of Rights.”

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