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Person I Don’t Know Asks Me To Back Candidate I’ve Never Heard Of—I Do So Out Of Trust And Party ID

A few weeks ago I was asked to be a friend on Facebook by a person I don’t know. She’d noticed we had some friends in common on Facebook. She messaged me something along the lines of that if I knew such people, I was likely to share her political values.

The people we have in common on Facebook are liberal Texas political bloggers and a few others connected with Democratic politics in the Houston-area.

The conclusion this woman reached based on our mutual friends was solid. I accepted her friend request.

A few weeks later this woman asked me to join a Facebook group in support of a Laura Ewing for the Texas State Board of Education, District 7. I had never heard of Ms. Ewing. You can click the link to learn about Ms. Ewing, where in Texas District 7 is, ( It includes a good chunk of the Houston metro-area) and what the Texas State Board of Education does.

Since I had established trust for the person asking me to back Ms. Ewing, it was not much of a leap to join Ms. Ewing’s Facebook group. I’ve also listed her as a campaign I support as noted under my blogroll.

It was not just that I trust the person who made the suggestion I support Ms. Ewing. It’s also so that since Ms. Ewing is a Democrat, I can be reasonably certain she holds at least some views not so different from my own. Party identification is a shorthand to help voters navigate the complex set of issues that are at stake in any election.

The fact is that only so many voters are going to study what the Texas Board of Education is all about. Just tell me who the Democrat is, and I can move on to something else.

This does not mean I won’t vote for a third-party candidate—if one exists—or leave the spot on the ballot for this office blank if I find the Democrat running to be offensive. But for the most part, I just need to know who the Democrat is. I’m not going to be voting for any Republican in this age of a far-right Republican party.

Personal trust and party ID–These are good enough reasons for me to support Laura Ewing for the Texas State Board of Education.

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