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Will Hurricane Ike Kill Enough People In Cuba That It Becomes Less Of A Gulf Threat?

Flooded streets of Baracoa in eastern Cuba 7 September

I know that people use language incorrectly sometimes. I make mistakes in what words I choose. But I can’t help but notice that I’ve heard at least two weather reporters express hope that Hurricane Ike is sufficiently weakened while passing over Cuba, so that it becomes less of a threat for wherever in the Gulf of Mexico it lands.

( Above is damage in Cuba from Ike.)

Yet the longer Hurricane Ike stays over Cuba, the more harm it will do to people in Cuba. Instead of making it a zero-sum issue of who suffers to what degree, I imagine the hope people have is that the storm weakens in a way that harms as few people as possible. It would take just a small bit more extra effort to express concerns over the storm in that more helpful way.

Here is the National Weather Service report on Hurricane Ike.

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