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Panhandle Truth Squad Blog Now Five Years Old


The great Amarillo blog Panhandle Truth Squad is now five years old.

Please click here to read Panhandle Truth Squad.

I’ve not met the guys from Panhandle Truth Squad in person as of yet. And in many ways that’s just as well because I wager they are assholes. I know at the least that I’m a jerk and I just can’t imagine that such a meeting would go well.

Still—Someday I’ll be in Amarillo or PST will visit Houston, and we will meet.  

Panhandle Truth Squad has had more than 115,000 vistors since it began posting. While that’s nothing compared the traffic here at Texas Liberal, it is a number greater than the population of the island nation of Kiribati. Kiribati has roughly 105,000 people.   

Above is a picture of Kiribati. I’d run a picture of Amarillo, Texas, but Amarillo looks just the same as what you see above.

 Here is information about visiting Kiribati.

At five years, PST has existed longer than the life expectancy of the octopus. The octopus is a very intelligent creature, but sadly it only lives for five years at most.

Why Panhandle Truth Squad gets more time on this Earth than the octopus is not clear to me. 

Below is an octopus moving from one tidal pool to another during low tide.

File:Tide pools octopus.jpg

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