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Circumstances Of Houston Police Officer Kevin Will’s Death Leaves Individuals With A Choice About How To Respond

The circumstances behind the on-duty death of Houston police officer Kevin Will leaves individuals with a choice.

Officer Will was killed by a man who, according to reports, is in the United States illegally and who was driving drunk.

People can go on with the reflexive hatred and anger such we see from this reader comment on the Houston Chronicle online in reference to the driver who allegedly killed Officer Will–

“They should auction on Ebay the opportunity to beat him to death with a baseball bat during halftime of next years Superbowl with all proceeds going to the Officer’s family. I’m sure I wouldn’t win but I would dang sure bid!”

I think sometimes that people who say things such as this are glad when a news event takes place that allows them to express so clearly who they are as an individual.

Or, instead of dwelling in anger, we can find a bipartisan immigration policy that does not turn our nation into a police state were we go around informing on people and checking people’s papers.

I don’t romanticize bipartisanship. It simply would be the reality of how a new immigration policy would have to be crafted.

One thing I’ll note as interesting about immigration discussions is the failure on the right to recognize the role of business places and individual consumers in immigration issues.

Employers want cheap labor and people want cheap goods and services. We are all part of the reason that we have so many undocumented persons in our city.

Top Houston political blogger John Coby has more on the role of the private sector in our immigration situation.

I’m sorry about the loss of Officer Will. My hope is that his death leads us towards progress in our lives and in Houston, and not towards even more anger and vindictiveness.

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Houston Police Officer Kevin Will Killed While Serving City Over Memorial Day Weekend

A Houston police officer was killed while serving the city over Memorial Day weekend.

(Update 6/2/11–The circumstances of Officer Will’s death leaves people with a choice about how to respond.)   

(Update–Here is the latest on this story from the Houston Chronicle from 6/1 at 11:00 PM.

From the Houston Chronicle

“A Houston police officer was struck and killed by a suspected drunken driver early Sunday while investigating an accident on the North Loop near Yale. The 38-year-old officer, Kevin Will, died at the scene, Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland said. Will was a father of two children, ages 6 and 10, and his wife is 6 months pregnant with their third child, the chief said. The driver, 26-year-old Johoan Rodriguez, was taken to an area hospital for toxicology tests, police said. He’s currently in jail, facing pending charges of intoxication manslaughter of a peace officer, felony evading and possession of a controlled substance…  “At this morning’s roll call, (Will) announced to his comrades that today was his one-year anniversary in Vehicular Crimes, and he made a joke that he’s been here a year, so does that qualify him to be a veteran or is he still a rookie?” McClellan said. ..”

Above is a picture of Officer Will.

Everybody who drives in Houston knows that our roads are filled with drunks, crazies, and people taking all sorts of unnecessary risks.

While even at the most difficult times we can acknowledge that criminal acts can be in part the result of economic and social conditions, we must recall the fact we all have a choice to make about how we will conduct ourselves on our roads.

The decision to drive in a way harmful to others is made by each individual who gets behind the wheel.

I’m sorry about the loss of Officer Will.

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