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There Is No Oil This Fourth Of July Weekend In Galveston Or On The Texas Coast

There is no oil in Galveston or anywhere on the Texas Gulf Coast this Fourth of July Weekend.

I’m not saying this to discourage you from going to any other Gulf Coast beach. They don’t all have oil. I’m just saying that Galveston has no oil.

I’m a big fan of Galveston. There is a lot of history in Galveston and the people there are glad you have come to visit.

Be sure to tell the folks on the Texas coast that a Texas Liberal sent you.

The picture in this post is of Lake Michigan at Kenosha, Wisconsin. I was there last summer. Kenosha is worth a visit as well.

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Visit Kenosha, Wisconsin—Find Some Peace In Life


If you take a walk on Lake Michigan waterfront in Kenosha, Wisconsin on a day it is raining, you will be left to yourself and your thoughts. I took such a walk two weeks ago. Above is a picture I took while on my walk.

I’ve never been to Kenosha on a sunny day, but I am sure it is quite light and bright when the sun is shining. For my purposes, the dark day worked fine. 

Though the rain kept folks away when I was in town, people do visit Kenosha and there are things to see and do in Kenosha. Even in the rain there were folks fishing at the lakefront. 

Here is a link to what you can do and see when in Kenosha.

I enjoyed my visit to the Kenosha History Center.

Here is the link to the Daily Kenoshan newspaper.

It is good to find a place where you can have some peace. Doing so will allow you to collect your thoughts and assess what you want to do in life.

It is good to visit a small city like Kenosha where the folks will be glad that you have decided to look around.

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