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Sean Hubbard Is The Best Candidate In The Democratic Texas U.S. Senate Primary

In the primary race for the Democratic nomination to serve in the United States Senate, I support Sean Hubbard.

(Above is Mr. Hubbard with a group of people who just realized that somebody is pointing a camera at them.)  

Mr. Hubbard is running for the seat left open by the retirement of Republican Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

Mr. Hubbard has consistently taken progressive stands in his campaign for the nomination.

Mr. Hubbard has worked hard, and has made an effort to win support all across our big State of Texas.

At age 31, Mr. Hubbard can possibly build upon on what is already a strong campaign effort as he seeks to move Texas into the 21st century. (Or even dragging Texas into the 20th century would be progress in many regards.)

My friend Harold Cook in Austin has endorsed Mr. Hubbard in his blog Letters From Texas.  Mr. Cook is a respected and forward-looking political voice in Texas, who views Mr. Hubbard as someone who can be a hopeful part of a revitalized Texas Democratic Party  in the years ahead.

Here is the website for Mr. Hubbard.

Here is the Facebook page for Mr. Hubbard. 

Primary Day is Tuesday, May 29. Early voting runs May 14-May 25.

Fellow Houston and Texas blogger Charles Kuffner has the best rundown of the Democratic primary candidates here in Harris County, and about other contested Texas Democratic primary fights as well. 

Fellow Houston and Texas blogger Perry Dorrell has written about the Green Party slate in Harris County and in Texas at his blog Brains & Eggs.

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In Support Of The Dream Act

The Dream Act now before Congress would allow undocumented persons who entered the United States at age 15 or younger to gain a chance at citizenship by either joining the military or by going to college.

While this bill does have some bipartisan support, it is not clear it will pass in the lame duck session.

The House has approved the Dream Act. It is now stuck in the Senate. President Obama has said he will sign the bill.

One hinderance to passage of the bill is the broken promise of Republican Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

While in the past Senator Hutchinson supported Dream Act type legislation, she no longer does. It seems Senator Hutchinson’s fear of a far-right Tea Party primary challenger in 2012 is more important than anything else in her mind.

America is a nation of immigrants. I know this is almost a cliché at this point—But it is still true.

Either we are a welcoming and confident nation or we are not.

It is not the fault of people brought here as children that they are not legal citizens.

It is not the fault of immigrants that some of our Anglo fellow citizens, who seem amongst most bitter and angry of Americans today, come from families that have over the years not been able to take advantage of free land taken from the native population, of the exclusion of blacks from opportunity because of slavery and Jim Crow, and of the refusal until the mid 1960’s to allow many Asian people to emigrate to the United States.

Maybe we would have more opportunity in this nation if these folks had over the years allied themselves with fellow working people instead of with segregationists and red-baiters and with the states rights crowd.

I’m for the Dream Act. I’m for welcoming people to our nation who know what America is truly about.

Call your Senator and ask that they support the Dream Act.

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Texas Republicans Love Earmarks As Much As Liberals Like Myself Love Big Government—The Yang Of Truth And The Yin Of Hypocrisy

Despite all the talk we hear about Texans not wanting the federal government in their lives, Texas gets a great deal of money in federal earmarks. Many of these earmarks are sought by Republicans.

From the Houston Chronicle

“Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s status as a Washington insider proved politically toxic in her bid for governor — but those same skills reaped more than a billion dollars this year for Texas cities, universities, medical centers and military installations. Hutchison’s prolific use of earmarks placed her third among the Senate’s 100 members, behind only California Democrats Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. ..A 17-year Senate veteran who serves on the powerful Senate Committee on Appropriations, Hutchison continues to capitalize on her capital connections by inserting 166 special spending requests worth more than $1.2 billion into the federal government’s 2010 budget, which runs through Sept. 30, according to data collected by the nonpartisan watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense.. Overall, Texas raked in $1.6 billion for projects sought by its members of Congress. That total swells to $1.8 billion when earmarks requested solely by the White House, mostly for military projects, are added. Houston-area lawmakers are among the most prolific fans of the earmark in the Texas delegation, totaling about $322 million in this year’s budget. They sponsored or co-sponsored 85 of the 573 Texas earmarks. Five of the top seven Texas earmarkers come from Houston, led by Democratic Rep. Gene Green and Republican Rep. John Culberson.”

This is all good to hear. As a liberal, I support the use of government funds to benefit the lives of our people. It is reassuring to know that this common sense position is one held by office holders and citizens across the political spectrum.

As has been reported before, so-called libertarian Congressman Ron Paul of Texas loves earmarks. Mr. Paul goes on about not wanting federal dollars, but he goes after the money just like a liberal.

Congressperson John Culberson, who I’m sorry to report is my own Representative, once said the stimulus package was meant to turn America into France.

Yet based on the article above, Mr Culberson, just like Mr. Paul, loves to bring federal dollars to Texas.

What is behind this apparent duality?

Below are examples of dualities.

I think that for Senator Hutchinson, Rep. Paul and Rep. Culberson, the chart should be updated to show the Yang of a truthful person and Yin of a hypocrite.

The same can be said of all Republicans in Texas who take the money from Washington.

These Republicans may win elections in Texas for the time-being, but it is big government liberals like myself who enjoy the ongoing role of the federal government in the lives of Texans and in the lives of people all across our great federal union.

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I Imagine Both Republicans & Democrats Think Senator K.B. Hutchinson Is Silly

Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson just can’t seem to decide when to quit the Senate to work full time on her primary challenge against incumbent Republican Governor Rick Perry.

One day she says one thing and another day she says another thing.

I’m somewhat apologetic for even blogging on this subject because it has a shooting fish in a barrel quality—Here you have a malignant figure acting in a ridiculous fashion.

What does one expect? 

Senator Hutchinson is likely always either harming someone with her bad works in the U.S. Senate, or doing something dumb.

Still, this dance is so silly and so absurd that I feel it merits mention. There is nobody on any side of the political aisle in Texas who can feel Senator Hutchinson is acting in a way that reflects well on herself.

I hope Senator Hutchinson’s indecision goes on for days and weeks to come.

Many people are laughing at her.

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Governor Rick Perry—A Friend Of Acorn And Of America When He Finds It Useful To Be So

Texas Governor Rick Perry is a study in hypocrisy.

Below are two pictures that show Governor Perry as a hypocrite.

First is a picture of Governor Perry with members of Acorn.  I took this picture from a recent Burnt Orange Report post.  This picture was taken in 2005 as the Governor signed a housing bill.

Now Governor Perry is criticizing his 2010 Republican primary opponent for Governor of  Texas, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, for skipping out on a Senate vote that would have denied funding to Acorn.

It seems that not so long ago that Governor Perry was more than happy to be seen in the company of Acorn and it’s representatives.

The second example of what a fraud Governor Perry is, is this picture below where Governor Perry leans in front of the flag of the United States. (He’s leaning–right? Like he’s going to ask you your phone number or ask you your sign.) Governor Perry said recently that treason would be an acceptable option if some folks in Texas were sufficiently upset with policies coming from our elected officials in Washington.

Governor Perry should stay away from our flag if can’t be loyal to our federal union. The course of treason has been attempted before in our national history.

And don’t forget—Many Texas Republicans are open to a course of treason.

It is reaching the point where many Southern Republicans and Republicans across the nation are of questionable loyalty to our nation.

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The Case For Kinky Friedman For Governor Of Texas In 2010

File:Kinky friedman 2006.jpg

The 2010 race for Governor of Texas is, regretfully, already under way. Republican U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson is a primary candidate for 2010 against incumbent Governor Rick Perry. Neither of these two candidates of the far-right offer much hope for Texans looking for a change from years of misrule by George W. Bush, Tom Craddick and….Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rick Perry.  

The two announced Democratic candidates for 2010 are Tom Schieffer and Kinky Friedman.

(Oops! I left out former Railroad Commission candidate Mark Thompson as a primary candidate.)  

Mr. Schieffer was Ambassador to Australia and then Japan under George W. Bush. He has supported Mr. Bush in his campaigns. Despite this connection to Mr. Bush, Mr. Schieffer is running as a Democrat.    

I can’t say I’m enthused by Mr. Schieffer.

Kinky Friedman, a performer and author, sets me on edge just looking at him. Some sort of hip singing cowboy walking around with a cigar all the time. What the hell is that?  What does any of that have to do with my majority-minority home city of Houston?

I can hardly stand to look at that picture I’ve put at the top of this post.  

Here is Mr. Friedman’s campaign web home.

Mr. Friedman ran for Governor of Texas in 2006 as an Independent. I talked to him for a few minutes during that campaign and found him to be a jerk.

But you know…..I want Texas to have a Democratic governor. I’ve lived in Texas since 1998 and as far as I can recall I have yet to see a Democrat win a statewide race for any office. How long can this go on? 

At this point, I’m at least willing to give Mr. Friedman a hearing. The candidates our Democratic Party of Texas has offered have been a string of clunkers. 

One of the best political boggers in Texas is Ted McLaughlin of Amarillo who writes the blog Jobsanger. Ted is a good liberal and a loyal Texan. His views merit consideration. 

Ted supported Mr. Friedman in 2006 and is supporting him for 2010. I asked Ted to tell me why he backs Mr. Friedman.

Here is what he wrote— 

The other day I got an interesting question from a friend of mine. Neil,… (who) wanted to know “Why do you support Kinky Friedman for governor in 2010?” Let me see if I can collect my thoughts and coherently answer that question. First, Kinky’s talent and his belief in social justice are not new to me.

I first heard of Kinky Friedman in 1973, when he put out an album named Sold American. You don’t have to listen to very many cuts off the album to know this talented Texan is a fighter for civil rights and women’s rights. And he didn’t just do that in his music. When he ran for governor in 2006 as an independent, there were some young bloggers who, in their zeal to support their own candidate, accused Kinky of being a racist. They should be ashamed of themselves for that. Kinky was on the streets in Austin protesting for civil rights before these bloggers were even a gleam in their parents’ eyes.

I’m talking about the sixties, when it took some courage to stand up for civil rights anywhere in Texas. And in all those years since that time, Kinky has not really changed. He is still an independent thinker who wants to make the lives of ordinary Texans a little better. In his own words, Kinky says, “It’s time to end corporate handouts, get rid of the death penalty, get rid of the TAKS Test, and get rid of the Republican stranglehold on this state.”

Continue reading

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