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Millions Of Americans Would Lose Health Coverage Under Paul Ryan/Republican Budget—It Could Easily Be Any One Of Us

The non-profit Kaiser Family Foundation has reported that up to 44 million Americans could lose health coverage under the radical budget proposed by Republican House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan.

From Kaiser—

“This analysis projects the state-by-state impact of converting Medicaid into a block grant and eliminating the planned expansion of the program by repealing the health reform law, as called for under the House Budget Plan. It finds that the plan would trigger major reductions in Medicaid program spending that could result in significant enrollment decreases compared to current projections, a shift with big implications for states, hospitals and tens of millions of low-income Americans who likely would wind up uninsured.”

(Above–The Republicn health care plan–Everyday Americans will be shut out. Picture copyright 2011 Neil Aquino.) 

Who is secure in our changing economy? Almost anyone in our nation could suffer a job loss in the years ahead. This will be the case even after the economy is said to be recovered from the recession.

From the Los Angeles Times

“Hardest hit would be states, many in the South and West, that have not built up their healthcare safety nets in recent years. These states would have received a large influx of federal money in the healthcare law President Obama signed last year. In 2014, the law will make all Americans making less than 133% of the federal poverty level eligible for Medicaid.The House GOP plan, authored by Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), would eliminate that expansion and also slash $750 billion in federal spending on Medicaid over the next decade. The plan was approved by the House last month, though it is not expected to pass the Democratic-controlled Senate.”

No matter what political party you support—or if you are an independent—can you really trust the Tea Party/Republican Party when you are facing rough times even after years of hard work? Do you think ideological points from an Ayn Rand book will help you get treatment when you are sick? Will you have enough in a 401K to retire? What if the market collapses when it is time to retire?

People have an obligation to work if they are able. Work should pay off with a decent wage, the knowledge that you have coverage if you get sick, and that you will be able to retire and live decently at some point in your life.

The current Republican plans for our nation are so severe that working Americans will not be able to count on any of these things in return for the work they do each day.

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