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Texas State Senator Whitmire Makes Point Made Clear By Egypt—Individuals Must Fight Back Collectively

Texas State Senator John Whitmire has made the needed point that average citizens themselves are going to have to speak up and fight back to stop the brutal cuts coming in our Texas state budget.

Mr. Whitmire is my State Senator here in Houston

Here is what Mr. Whitmire said as reported in a Houston Chronicle story about budget hearings in Austin

We’re going to have to build an army. You’re going to have to talk to your neighbors, families and employees….It’s going to take hundreds and thousands and millions of Texans. … You’ve got to build an expression of concern we can’t go … just with the cuts.”

Because of Republican mismanagement of Texas state finances and because we don’t pay enough taxes, Texas is looking at a budget deficit as high as $27 billion.

Brutal cuts are being proposed in education and health services. We may not have enough to keep up our roads. Layoffs of government employees are possible even though unemployment is one of our top national problems.

As events in Egypt show, it is up to us as individuals to work collectively with others who share our views.

Here at home, President Obama plans to offer a budget that will impact the poor in many ways.

From the Huffington Post—

“In the past week, the Obama administration has signaled that it will propose significant cuts to community service block grants and an energy assistance program that helps poor people stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.”

People in power will listen to those who seek no more than a fair share of the blessings of our society, only when such people demand to be heard.

These are the facts in Egypt, in Texas, and in our nation.

Senator Whitmire got it right.

It is up to each of us to decide that we want a hopeful future. Once we make that decision, we need then to work with others to make those hopes a reality.

(Below–2011 Egypt protests. People are doing it for themselves. Photo by Ramy Raoof.)

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Who Are The Good Democrats Tossed Overboard By John Whitmire, Mario Gallegos & Carol Alvarado In Houston’s Council District G?

File:WLA taft Plate with Palinurus Overboard.jpg

A few days ago I received a political mailing telling me that Democratic Texas State Senators John Whitmire and Mario Gallegos support Oliver Pennington to represent me in Houston’s Council District G. Not only that—Texas State Representative Carol Alvarado supports Mr. Pennington as well.

The thing is that Mr Pennington is a Republican.

The web site of the Harris County Republican Party says Mr. Pennington is a Republican

If you call Mr. Pennington’s campaign office they will tell you the same thing—Mr. Pennington is a Republican.

There are two good Democrats running in District G. Either merits your consideration on Election Day.

They merit your consideration despite the fact they have tossed overboard by some well-known Democrats.

(Above–Palinurus Overboard. From 1535 and painted by Francesco Xanto Avelli da Rovigo. Part of the collection at the Taft Museum of Art in Cincinnati.)

Dexter Handy is a 25 year military veteran and is endorsed by a number of local Democratic groups.

Richard Sedita is a registered nurse case manager who was a delegate for  Hillary Clinton at the 2008 Texas Democratic convention.

If you live in District G, or even if you don’t, please take the time to look at the campaign web homes of both these candidates. They both seem like decent people with lifelong commitments of service to others.

District G is likely to vote Republican for City Council in 2009. Though who can know for sure until the votes are counted?

There will be plenty of time for Mr. Whitmire, Mr. Gallegos and Ms. Alvarado to work with Mr. Pennington if he is elected.

Loyal Democrats like Mr. Handy and Mr. Sedita merit better from Democratic party leaders.

Now is the time for these elected officials to back one of the two good Democrats in this race.

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