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Penn State Students Riot To Defend The Noble Joe Paterno

The sons and daughters of America’s elite are rioting and fighting police so as to defend the honor of former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno.

Mr. Paterno is alleged to have helped cover up for a Penn St . coach who had allegedly engaged in illegal and quite disturbing sexual condiuct with children.

From the NY Times

“After top Penn State officials announced that they had fired Joe Paterno on Wednesday night, thousands of students stormed the downtown area to display their anger and frustration, chanting the former coach’s name, tearing down light poles and overturning a television news van parked along College Avenue.”

These Penn St. protestors are not Occupy Wall Street protestors who some claim are lazy and and troublemakers.

These are the sons and daughters of some of our most privileged people. They feel the need to take to the streets to defend Joe Paterno.

Here is the best line in the NY Times story–

“Paul Howard, 24, an aerospace engineering student, jeered the police. “Of course we’re going to riot,” he said. “What do they expect when they tell us at 10 o’clock that they fired our football coach?”

Don’t worry though. These kids will get away with it all. Soon enough they will be your boss. They’ll share a good laugh at the 25 year reunion.

It’s those dirty Occupy Wall Street protesters who are the real menace.

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