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Joe Horn Gets Away With It

There is not much one can add at this point to discussion of the Joe Horn case.

Mr. Horn is the Pasadena, Texas resident who last year shot and killed two men after they robbed a neighbor’s home. He shot them in the back.

People aware of the issue know how they feel about the matter. Views on this question have been set in stone for many months now.

A Harris County grand jury yesterday decided not to indict Mr. Horn for any crime at all.

Many readers at the Houston Chronicle expressed satisfaction with this decision on the Chronicle’s online forums.

By satisfaction I mean they were downright glad Mr. Horn had killed the two men.

The two men were Hispanic illegal immigrants. 

It does not require much imagination to guess what some were saying.

There is a widely circulated picture of Mr. Horn that in some eyes may make him look like some type of stereotypical rube. 

I never run that picture on this blog because I feel it is sometimes used to say, “Look at this guy–Of course he shot two people of color.”

As we saw with the grand jury yesterday, and as we see in the crime news that bombards us each day in Houston and in this entire metro region, tolerance for cold blooded killing is widespread and fits no profile of appearance, gender or skin color.

Mr. Horn had the option to stay in his home, as he was advised to do by the 911 operator, and not kill anybody.

He took another course and killed two fellow human beings.

I don’t believe in karma.

I don’t believe in hell.

He just got away with it.  

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Joe Horn Should Be Charged With A Serious Crime

Pasadena, Texas resident Joe Horn made the decision to go outside and shoot two people.

This took place on November 14 and has now become a national incident.

The two people he shot were two men robbing the house next to Mr. Horn’s home. 

Mr. Horn had been asked by a 911 dispatcher to stay inside and avoid violence. He was not in any physical danger inside his house.

Mr. Horn said right on the 911 tape that he was going to go outside and shoot the men. 

And that’s just what he did as the men left the home they were robbing. 

He made the decision to go outside and shoot.  The penalty for robbing a home is not death.

How is that not some kind of pre-meditated act of violence?

The case is very polarizing and debate on this issue is not always very illuminating. I’ve been reluctant to post about the matter.

Yet I think it is important that Mr. Horn be charged with some type of serious crime in this instance.  

Beyond the fact that Mr. Horn could have just as easily been killed himself or shot an innocent, we can’t have people killing over property when they had the option to avoid trouble.   

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