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Two Weeks After Election, Republican Focus Remains On Everything But Jobs & Economy

It has been two weeks since Republicans made significant  gains across the country on Election Day.

The focus of the election was jobs and the economy. 56% of folks in a recent CBS News poll say the most important issue for the new Congress is jobs and the economy.

Yet as millions of Americans still deal with unemployment and underemployment, the Republican focus is on everything but jobs and the economy. Where incoming Republican governors have addressed jobs, it is to kill jobs by refusing already approved federal dollars for high-speed rail infrastructure projects.


* Republicans in control of the House of Representatives are planning nearly 300 investigations of President Obama. The last time a Republican House went after a Democratic President, it led to a destructive impeachment process. What excesses will we see this time?

* Newly-elected Republican Governors are killing high-speed rail projects that will create jobs. In Wisconsin, soon-to-be Governor  Scott Walker received large amounts of campaign cash from road builders who have a direct interest in stopping rail projects. Wisconsin had an unemployment rate of 7.8% in September.

* The Republican President of the Kentucky State Senate, David Williams, declared his allegiance to the Tea party and said  he supported repeal of the 17th Amendment to the Constitution. This amendment allows for the direct election of  U.S. Senators. Mr. Williams believes that returning election of Senators back to state legislatures would move our nation back to the limited measure of popular sovereignty first written into the constitution.  Many Tea Party supporters back this position.

Do you want to give your vote for United States Senator away? This is Tea party extremism in action.  In September of 2010, Kentucky had an unemployment rate of 10. 1%. Yet what the Republican President of the State Senate is discussing is no longer allowing the public to vote for U.S. Senate.

* In Texas, Governor Rick Perry and Republicans in the state legislature are considering pulling out of Medicaid and out of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. This is being considered even though 3.6 million Texans use these programs. You can be certain that many in Republican rural Texas use these programs. Is this what these folks were voting for earlier this month? We’ll see about that when people find out that benefits are being cut.

What about all the people in Texas who work in jobs connected to health care? With such drastic cuts in funding, where will these people find work? Isn’t it good and honest work to be employed in health care so people can get better and go on with life? Where will we have any jobs in this society if we go after everything?

The leader of the U.S. House Tea Party Caucus, Rep. Michele Bachmann, spent her time spreading a lie that President Obama’s trip to India was costing 200 million dollars a day. This assertion was simply not true.

What exactly  is the point of undermining the President of the United States as he goes to visit a globally important nation like India?

For Republicans in Washington and in states across the nation, this election was not about jobs and the economy. Instead, the election was about extreme ideology that puts the jobs and the health of the American people at risk.

Anger at Washington is not going to get you a job. It is not going to pay the bills if you get sick. The Republican bait-and-switch is in already in evidence. These folks have no constructive thoughts.  It is the same anger-driven politics that led to President Clinton’s impeachment and to the placement of Sarah Palin on the national ticket two years ago.

It’s up to all of us to be aware of what is taking place, and to make sure that Congress is focused on jobs and the economy and not on sideshow hearings and ideological tangents.

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We Can Live Like Decent People In A Society Or We Can Live Like Wild Beasts In The Tea Party Republican Jungle

When the economy improves, it is still going to be difficult for many to get a good job.

From the Associated Press

But once employers do step up hiring, some economists expect job openings to fall mainly into two categories of roughly equal numbers:

• Professional fields with higher pay. Think lawyers, research scientists and software engineers.

• Lower-skill and lower-paying jobs, like home health care aides and store clerks.

And those in between? Their outlook is bleaker. Economists foresee fewer moderately paid factory supervisors, postal workers and office administrators.

That’s the sobering message American workers face as they celebrate Labor Day at a time of high unemployment, scant hiring and a widespread loss of job security. Not until 2014 or later is the nation expected to have regained all, or nearly all, the 8.4 million jobs lost to the recession. Millions of lost jobs in real estate, for example, aren’t likely to be restored this decade, if ever.

These are the structural facts of our economic future.

Our choices are that can work hard as honest people do while looking to government that helps with a safety net that includes expanded access to health insurance and unemployment benefits for people looking to get back to work.

Or, we can take the Tea Party Republican course and starve government as the private sector goes on cutting jobs, cuttings wages, and cutting benefits.

We can live like people in a decent society who understand that folks need help sometimes and that our economy is changing.

Or, we can live like beasts in a jungle fighting each other for evermore scare resources.

I’m going to live like a decent person who works for a living, has no problem asking for help if required, and who is willing to pay taxes so all of us can live in civilization instead like wild beasts in a jungle.

You are out of your mind if you think the average person in this society is not going to need help from the government to maintain access to health care and to help live in retirement.

Read here about health care reform. It is going to help a lot of hard working people in our great nation. The fact that it is going to work is what upsets the Republicans so much.

(Below–The Republican Tea Party view of life and society. Right makes right and survival of the fittest. A pair of bear-dogs, Hemicyon sansansiensis, prepare to feast on a slain paleomerycid ungulate, in Miocene, France as drawn by Stanton Fink. )

w—Tea Party Republican view of existence. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2b/Hemicyon_sansaniensis.JPG

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Hiring Best In Three Years

The number of new jobs hired for in the United States in March was the best in three years.

From the New York Times

“After more than two years in which more than 8 million jobs were lost, the country’s nonfarm payrolls surged in March.Employers added 162,000 jobs last month, and employment numbers in the previous two months were revised upward. Nationwide, the unemployment rate held steady at 9.7 percent. To many ordinary, out-of-work Americans, the recovery may finally start to feel real. “The key message from this report is that we’ve finally turned the corner,” said Nigel Gault, chief United States economist at IHS Global Insight. “Going forward, we should expect things to strengthen further over the rest of the year.”

Here is the actual report from the Department of Labor.

While we have a long way to go, things are getting better.

People looking for work need to have some hope.

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Census Bureau Has Jobs—Filling Out Census Helps All People

The Census is coming up in 2010.

The Census angers the political right because the Federal Government conducts the census, and because the government uses the Census to determine how government money is allocated.

Census forms will be mailed out in March of 2010.

Please fill out your Census form and send it back. Such an act is indeed a measure of good citizenship.

As you can see in the picture below, the Census Bureau has some jobs to hire for next year. I got the flier you see in the picture in my door a few days ago.

Maybe you need a check for a few weeks. A job with the Census might help you out for a time.

Here is the link to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Don’t listen to screwballs telling folks to ignore the Census.

Filling out the Census is what our laws require. Doing so helps us better understand our nation and sends needed government help where it will be most useful.

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While I Understand Why The Post Office Must Cut Back, I Don’t Understand Where People Will Find Good Jobs


The Wall Street Journal reports that the Post Office is considering cutbacks.

( Above—Sign in front of the post office in Nappanee, Indiana. Here is information about visiting Nappanee. ) 

From the WSJ report—

“The volume of first-class mail, the Postal Service’s most-lucrative business, has been eroded by the migration of bill payments and individual correspondence to the Internet. The economic downturn has exacerbated the financial woes by hitting catalogs and other direct-marketing mailings….The agency has previously struggled to cover its costs while meeting its mandate to provide mail service six days a week to all Americans, some 135.7 million delivery points. Faced with a $1.7 billion deficit in 2001, the agency raised postage rates and froze headquarters staff jobs….Continued automation, attrition and early retirements have helped pare the number of full-time employees to 636,000 from more than 800,000 in 2000. Mr. Potter said the Postal Service has reduced excess capacity but said it must become still “leaner and more efficient,” and cut “tens of thousands” more jobs….The agency is reviewing 3,100 post offices and retail outlets — out of 36,700 — for possible closure or consolidation, and it expects decisions by Oct. 1. Since 2000, the agency has shut 1,337 post offices and outlets, and since 2005 it has closed two of 380 mail-processing centers and consolidated nine. Dozens of other proposed closures or mergers were rejected, many following local resistance.”

Here is the full story.

I understand all this just as I understand why so many jobs in the automotive industry have been lost. 

What I don’t understand is where people are going to find good jobs in the future.

Here is a story from the Nation Magazine about the need for a program of full employment in the United States.

Here is the link to the National Postal Museum.  This museum is part of the Smithsonian and is in Washington, D.C.

(Below–Post Office in St. Vrain, New Mexico.  This post office closed just a few weeks ago after 102 years of operation.  Here are some facts about St. Vrain.)

File:St. Vrain, New Mexico Post Office.jpg

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So That People Can Have Jobs, I Avoid Doing Online What I Can Do With A Real Person In The Real World

To the extent it can be avoided, I never do online or on any automated system what can be done with a real person in the real world.

Working people need to help other working people keep their jobs. 

Some examples—

I don’t have direct deposit of my paycheck at work. The bank teller needs a job.

When I book a car rental, I do so over the phone and not by computer.

I take the real paper at home instead of only reading the online edition.  When I go out of town, I put delivery of the paper on hold by calling someone in the circulation department instead of doing it by computer. 

I try to buy things in stores and not online. I’m not perfect in this respect, but I do pretty good.

When I go to the racetrack with my father when visiting back home in Cincinnati, I use the ticket window staffed by a person to make a bet and not the automated ticket machine.

At the airport parking lot when it is time to pay up, I go to a booth with a person in it rather than to a  no-person exit.

When calling the cable company or the utlilty company, I hit the zero on my phone until I get a person.

I use computers in my life. I use technology in many different ways. I know many will value what they define as convenience over the the benefits of helping create work for people to do.

Some may need the savings that, sometimes, come from buying online. Though over the longer haul, when we have no work, it will be very hard to save money that we are not earning. 

I can’t do anything about what other people choose to do.

I’m simply saying that for myself, I try to use the services of human beings so that people will have jobs.

I ask you to please consider this course in your daily life to the extent  you feel you are able.

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Houston Neighborhoods Should Relocate To Suit Strip Club Locations

The City of Houston has won a long legal battle with a strip club called The Penthouse Club. The city asserted that the club was too close to a residential neighborhood. A court has upheld Houston’s claim. Click here for the details. It seems the city soon intends to go on the offensive with a number of these lawsuits.   

My view is that the neighborhood should be made to relocate. We can’t let people get in the way of lawful business places. Neighborhood relocation would be a source of jobs for movers and, if we forced the people way out along the highways, new home construction.  Even better, maybe we could move the people to a remote location and then build a new highway to reach the new population center with all the new houses. 

No–That’s not really my view.

I’m glad to see an assertive city government advocating for people at the expense of sexually exploitative business places. Would you want your wife or sister or daughter working at one of those clubs? I think we could make that a test of people’s libertarian notions about these places. We’ll put your daughter up on stage dancing around the pole.

Many political issues are questions of morality—Far more than we realize can be classified as such. Decisions of who we tax and to what extent are questions of morality. How we spend tax money and for what purposes are also moral questions.  

Morality, and the debates at the ballot box and in city halls and legislative chambers around the nation between competing ideas of morality, are a foundation of politics and public policy.

So go Houston! Get rid of as many strip joints and such places as legally possible.

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