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Republican Texas State Rep. Joe Driver Takes Public Money He Has No Right To Receive

Republican Texas State Representative  Joe Driver of Garland has been billing the State of Texas for travel that has also been paid for by his campaign.

From the Houston Chronicle—

“Over the years Driver has double-billed for numerous Southwest Airlines tickets to Austin from his Dallas-area district “to attend to legislative duties,” records show. But his biggest reimbursements came during legislative conferences held out of state. In August 2006, Driver’s campaign paid $1,122.06 for him to stay at the Hotel Palomar in San Francisco to attend the annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council. Reports show the campaign also paid $450 in registration fees and a United Airlines flight for $849.19.All of the receipts for those expenses were then submitted to the state for reimbursements. The state wouldn’t pay $10.80 for the movie Driver watched, but it picked up the balance for the Hotel Palomar, paid him for the registration fee and another $800 for the United Airline tickets — the maximum amount the state would pay for the flights. On that trip, at least $2,361.26 was double-billed, records show.”

(Above–San Francisco.)

Mr. Driver represents the 113th House District of Texas.

No person of any political party can defend this type conduct.

Mr. Driver, who won reelection in 2008 with 59% of the vote, has a strong challenger in 2010. Her name is Jamie Dorris.

Here is the campaign web home for Ms. Dorris.

Mr. Driver says he is a conservative. Yet he takes government money he has no right to receive.

This fact makes Mr. Driver neither a conservative or a liberal. It simply makes him a wrongdoer.

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